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off the street

It seems, judging from the Rule of Rose coverart here, that 505 GameStreet is planning a name change to "505 Games". Which is fair enough, really - the original name always seemed a bit stupid to me. Their recent acquisitions, though - Rule of Rose, Steambot Chronicles, Wild Arms 4 - all seem to indicate somewhat of a change in direction for the company. Having lost the Simple series to D3P Europe, they're becoming less of a budget publisher and more of a European equivalent to the likes of Atlus USA. Which can only be a good thing, really. It'll be interesting to see where the Simply 20 series goes from here, though, if anywhere - personally I'd like to see it continue as a home for the more quirky, low-budget, obscure titles from tiny developers, stuff that'd never really shift at full price. Like Midas used to be, back when their budget line included the likes of Xtreme Express, Battle Construction Vehicles and that Grappler Baki game (which, by all accounts, was shite, but that's not the point) - games you'd never expect to see the light of day outside Japan. Maybe that's too much to ask, though.

(by the way, sorry about that last update. I'll get my computer fitted with a breathalyser or something. And, for the record, I have no problem with blogs. Blogs are great. At least, when they're done well, and actually used as blogs instead of a half-arsed substitute for a proper website.)

posted by taizou at on 02/08/2006 in uncategorised


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