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animal crossing: wild western

I don't usually post frontpage updates about things like this, but I found something interesting on 505's Italian distributor site - "Wild Western" for the DS by Taito, seemingly a remake/sequel of their 1982 arcade game. The thing is, it hasn't been announced anywhere else, even in Japan. So I've got a bit of an exclusive here. Woo.

Translated from the Italian, vaguely:

Wolfy is a bounty hunter who has dedicated his life to justice. Now the moment of being able to capture the most dangerous outlaw in the West is at hand. In a wild world, using the stylus, the player must help Wolfy to complete the most dangerous missions.

The original Italian page (with screenshots and boxart) is here. I think it might be developed by Happy Happening, who were also responsible for the Bust-a-Move DS. And I have nothing but good things to say about Bust-a-Move DS, so here's hoping this one lives up to it.

posted by taizou at on 27/03/2007 in uncategorised


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How curious! I'd never played Wild Western, but I've always loved all the other old Taito games, so I'll have to look into it!

On another note, I just got Zombie Hunters in the mail today, it's quite odd... in the actual game, the game is called 'Zombie Zone: Other Side' (with huge title screen saying this), with no mention at all of the title 'Zombie Hunters'.

It also doesn't appear to have the instant-unlocking thing the Japanese version had, if you have a save of Zombie Zone on your memory card... ah well.

posted by CherryMay at 18:10:38 on 28/03/2007


well, that is odd. maybe 505 originally planned to release it under that title, and there was a version prepared at Tamsoft with that name, but no one could be arsed changing it around for the Essential version. Essential/D3 Europe certainly don't seem to care too much about title screens, anyway- Essential Sudoku DS was spelt "Essential Soduku".

Does it have a 60Hz mode, at least? That's one thing I'm really hoping they'll bother with including in the Essential releases, considering they've got Chikyuu Boueigun 2 coming up (in late 2007, last I heard).

posted by taizou at 22:59:38 on 28/03/2007


I've got all of the first set of releases except Party Carnival, and they all have 60Hz modes. Note that not only does Zombie Hunters have a Zombie Zone title screen, it starts up with the 505 Gamestreet logo - as does Dragon Sisters.

posted by Werewolf2000ad at 01:55:07 on 31/03/2007


Weird. I didn't get the instant unlock thing on Zombie Hunters either, but I just started it up for the second time and there it is.

posted by Werewolf2000ad at 23:46:21 on 02/04/2007


Maybe it has to save its own file first, then when it's autoloading that it loads the Zombie Zone file as well.

posted by Anonymous at 03:16:01 on 03/04/2007


this comment disappeared somewhere. sorry!

posted by ? at ?:?:? on ?/?/?


Eeee, that was my comment that vaporised! Ah well, it was just to say "oh, yes, it does unlock after the second time you turn the game on :O" and such. Hooray!

posted by CherryMay at 03:48:48 on 28/05/2007

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