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catch the heart

Recently a number of games based on old Taito properties have appeared (some of which I reported on in previous posts here), then disappeared, then reappeared with a new name and characters. which I thought was quite odd - Taito have never been averse to exploiting their old licenses, after all. These are all the titles I'm aware of:

So! What's the reason behind all of this? According to a spokesperson from UFO Interactive, the publisher of many of these games in the US, "To make a long story short, Taito, who is now owned by Square [Enix], had some issues with us and we had to let the title go" (the title in this case being Kiki KaiKai 2). So, evidently Taito, probably under orders from Square Enix, are withdrawing the licenses from all these smaller companies (many of which have a history of working with Taito) but why? are they just being arseholes? were there quality concerns? (many of the recent games from these developers haven't been all that well received, after all). or maybe they're shifting development back in-house, which could be a good idea, because Space Invaders Extreme is brilliant. (if that was done in-house? argh i dunno)

posted by taizou at on 19/03/2008 in uncategorised


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