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what's mr. motivator up to these days anyway

i'm feeling motivated again
for some reason?
maybe some stuff will appear on the site soon
but not tonight, it's too late.
this is a problem i have - whenever i feel like being productive (whether its aimed at something genuinely important, or something entirely not (like this website (or abusing parentheses))) it's usually at the precise moment that i know i really probably should go to bed if i'm going to get an even remotely reasonable amount of sleep and still get up at whatever the fuck o'clock in the morning. good god, this is almost starting to sound like a blog isn't it. anyway, point is, i don't know exactly. watch this space? i don't like that expression. who am i to tell you what spaces to watch? don't watch this space, do something else. play pop cutie! street fashion simulation if you want. you might like it.

posted by taizou at on 11/11/2008 in uncategorised


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(he's making dvds)

posted by taizou at 01:36:59 on 11/11/2008

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