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95 problems

yes! an update! content! really! it's a look at what i'm calling the GM-95 Series, a series of unlicensed Taiwanese Mega Drive games claiming to be from a variety of different publishers (but mostly by the same related developers) with product numbers in the format "GM-95XXX". yknow, hence the name. it's been kicking around for a while, unfinished, but i kept finding stuff to add to it, then eventually decided i didn't like the colour scheme and changed all that up, and then added rounded corners which makes everything better but doesnt work in every browser. sorry IE and Opera users :( i still love you, just in a squarer way. ANYWAY enjoy it. up next: who knows?

posted by taizou at 08:05:43 on 31/07/2009 in uncategorised


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Nice article! :)

My guess for the two Arthur versions is the one with the English is most likely a pirate of the original. Especially since the back of the box has absolutely no mention of the company anymore.

I still like to wonder if that game is part of some sort of series and the rest aren't dumped...

posted by SteveMartin at 02:08:16 on 02/08/2009


Oh ya, and you didn't lose the pic. It's still on your own site! haha

posted by Steve at 02:09:52 on 02/08/2009


ha whoops. so it is.

i dunno about one arthur being a pirate of the other - they both have different on-screen titles but the same copyright text. i think if a pirate was going to change the title they'd usually remove or change the copyright as well.

so i reckon the english-subtitle version is probably legit in as much as it was probably authorised by the developer, it just wasn't published by "super chip" anymore... maybe it was the same publisher as barver battle saga, i don't think that was ever released with a company name either.

it could well be part of a series though- my occasional soul destroying trawls through taiwanese auction sites havent uncovered anything yet, but some of these things are rare as hell. there are other dumped games by the same developer that i've never once seen for sale.

posted by taizou at 05:13:53 on 02/08/2009

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