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i'm so fucking future

it's 2010! the future! and somewhere near this site's 5th anniversary. sort of. i've completely lost every news post from its earliest incarnation (the one that seriously nobody visited, as opposed to the like three people and twelve spambots that visit this one) thanks to a knackered hard drive. okay, i do prefer to blame the hard drive, but honestly it's equally my fault - it just so happens that the drive broke right after i'd formatted it having forgotten to back up the directory containing the file in question. but still! i can estimate, based on timestamps and the like, that the site that would later become this one was created sometime in january of 2005, which conveniently means i can upload this 5th anniversary/2010 redesign thingy whenever i get around to finishing it. which is today! woo.

it looks a bit different in ie6 because that browser doesn't support transparent pngs properly, and although this design could almost certainly be achieved without them, no one's paying me to do this and i'm too lazy to sort it out. sorry! but if you have any thoughts or notice any problems in any browser newer than ie6 (or indeed any in ie6, since it should only look different, not broken) it'd be much appreciated if you left a comment or something.

posted by taizou at 06:22:54 on 22/01/2010 in site updates


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This post's title reminds me of this tshirt that that chinese kid on doobybrain wore. It said in large letters "I'M SO FUCKING FUTURE" rofl

posted by Anonymous at 05:31:15 on 15/11/2010

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