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95 problems

yes! an update! content! really! it's a look at what i'm calling the GM-95 Series, a series of unlicensed Taiwanese Mega Drive games claiming to be from a variety of different publishers (but mostly by the same related developers) with product numbers in the format "GM-95XXX". yknow, hence the name. it's been kicking around for a while, unfinished, but i kept finding stuff to add to it, then eventually decided i didn't like the colour scheme and changed all that up, and then added rounded corners which makes everything better but doesnt work in every browser. sorry IE and Opera users :( i still love you, just in a squarer way. ANYWAY enjoy it. up next: who knows?

posted by taizou at 08:05:43 on 31/07/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (3)

505 replacement alert no.2

french publisher DHM Interactive just came to my attention. their lineup is looking pretty awesome, from a "localising obscure japanese games"-kinda perspective. maybe i'm just biased because i love gen-san, but still.

posted by taizou at 03:46:24 on 29/07/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

up and at them!

see. as promised in the last update, i have indeed added an RSS feed. well, an Atom feed. (you may wish to note that if i were in fact using RSS, this post would have a title hilariously playing on the similarity between the acronym "RSS" and the word "arse"). but it seems to work and everything, what more could you want? actual content? possibly. said feed being added several years ago, when the rest of the internet was doing it? certainly. but it's there now, so enjoy it!

posted by taizou at 06:18:32 on 13/06/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

board shitless (again)

i doubt anyone (apart from the interminable spambots) visits it regularly enough to notice, but i've totally just upgraded the board software. to version 0.7 beta 2. that's right... 2. with this update comes the exciting promise that the user experience should be exactly the same, give or take a few things being maybe a few pixels off where they were before.
it's just a bit more flexible now, given that i have rewritten all the HTML in a manner more befitting something amateurishly slapped together this century rather than last. and yes it still works in (bloody) IE6.
(i swear to god i'm going to update with some actual content soon. maybe i'll add an RSS feed as well. just you wait.)

posted by taizou at on 12/06/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)


pfft. and there i was thinking i'd successfully solved the comments spam problem, i'd actually just broken both the comments and the message board. so if anyone actually tried to use either of those recently, sorry! coming soon: updates

posted by taizou at on 25/05/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (1)

ips flaps

seeing as a lot of people seem to be coming here for the english version of winips, i've given its own page rather than having it occupy a half-arsed corner of a thing on japanese mario hacks that i'll clearly never update again. more stuff coming soon!

posted by taizou at on 19/05/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

13 tiles too many

quicky update- i (i mean, someone else) just uploaded this, because it seems to have done an adventurous boy and disappeared from the internet. it's "13 Tile Mahjong: '98 Pretty Girls Edition" by BBD, another unlicensed taiwanese/chinese mega drive game, but one that i give far less of a shit about on account of it centring mostly around mahjong and female nudity. neither of which i have any interest in. so i'm not making a bloody youtube video of it. but if you want it, it's there. yep.

posted by taizou at on 02/03/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

filet minon

neofuji would like to officially announce that Minon: Everyday Hero (the European release of Go! Go! Minon) is not getting enough attention around here. and yay for nordcurrent!
also secondary yay to Nobilis who have been publishing a bunch of weird japanese ds games lately - tsumiki, cookie shop, from the abyss, spectral force genesis, "music", that detective conan game for the wii and probably some other shit (their website isn't very comprehensive, unfortunately) plus some other potentially interesting stuff from western developers as well. and you can see videos of some of them on the humorously named Nob TV.
could either of them become the new 505 gamestreet (back when they were good)? this remains to be seen. but i wish them both all kinds of crazy success.

posted by taizou at on 26/02/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

you'll be my adventurous boy

YEAH first update of 2009. bitches.
its not even an update to the site, but rather to its associated youtube channel. which is now (or will be, very soon) home to a complete playthrough of the incredibly obscure gamtec mega drive title "adventurous boy".
it's so obscure, in fact, that it's not to be found in the places one would usually look for such things; i downloaded it from some chinese site that i can't find anymore. but, fortunately, someone or other has uploaded it over here. which was awfully nice of them.

posted by taizou at on 04/02/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

merry yesterday!

its still christmas as far as i'm concerned, i havent been to bed yet. no new xmas content though, maybe i should have saved this for today

posted by taizou at on 26/12/2008 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)