Harry Potter 3

Translation Patch

this is a patch to translate the unlicensed Game Boy Color game Harry Potter 3 (or Harry Potter & the Mystical Halo as I've called it here, based on its original title) from Chinese to English. its quite good! and its music is stolen from Parodius which is a bonus.

title screenshotintro screenshotgameplay screenshotcutscene screenshot

please note this patch is for the widely available ROM, called "Harry Potter 3 2003" in-game, which is actually a hack - when/if the original version is dumped, I'll probably release a new patch for that one. also included is a patch to fix certain issues with the ROM, namely that its twice as big as it should be and it generates a save file in emulators that it doesn't actually use. see the included readme for more infos.

download: v1.0 (16.9kb zip)

hacking/graphics/editing by taizou ~ text translation by SteveMartin ~ additional translation by Chris Tang

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