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Thought this one was more prolific for some reason, but it seems they're just all about that snowboarding and Hello Kitty. Apparently they have more of a history than you'd think, though - according to what I can piece together from IGN and Moby Games, they were responsible for a number of ports under Pony Canyon, including the NES versions of the Bard's Tale and Winter Games (which was shit, and possibly where they got their lifelong affinity for winter sports), GB Penguin Land and MSX Fantasy Zone 2. Apparently they did the sound for Umihara Kawase as well. Mysterious lot, these. Maybe they're one of those anonymous contract developers, like Tose. Actually! Revelation! Their website actually used to work, even though it doesn't anymore, and it appears we have a full gameography archived. bam. By god they've done a lot of snowboarding games. HOLY SHIT OKAY I'M SITTING HERE LITERALLY MY JAW YKNOW MOUTH IS OPEN AT THIS THEY DEVELOPED MONKEY PUNCHER FUCKING MONKEY FUCKING PUNCHER AAAAH okay THIS is definitely getting some further research.
update! Works of Atelier Double right here.
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Simple 1500 Series
The Snowboard (Snowboard Racer), The Skateboard (with Microcabin), The Ski

Simple 2000 Series
The Snowboard (Snowboard Racer 2)

Simple 2000 Series 2in1
The Tennis & The Snowboard (with HuneX)

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