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Another one that's been around for a while - the company was founded in 1991, but before that its staff members worked on such things as Battle City for the Famicom and a couple of Namco's arcade games, including Baraduke. As a company, they developed... some Super Famicom games and stuff. Space Squash for the Virtual Boy. Yeah. Also some modelling assistance on Pokemon Stadium, along with these guys. Since 2000 they've mainly been developing Simple games, and the occasional anime license for Bandai - although recently they've done a few other things, mainly for (*sigh*) phones.
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Simple 1500 Series
The Helicopter, The Suiri ~IT Tantei: 18 no Jikenbo~, The Sensuikan, The Gambler, The Cameraman ~Gekisha Boy Omakefu~ (with Irem Software Engineering)

Simple 2000 Series
The Suiri ~Aratanaru 20 no Jikenbo~, The Helicopter (Radio Helicopter), The Saiban ~Shinmai Shihoukan Momota Tsukasa no 10 no Saiban File~, The Suiri ~Soshite Daremo Inakunatta~, The Board Game Collection, The Kanshikikan, The Tokudane ~Nihon Zankoku Scoop Rettou~, The The Office Love Jikenbo ~Reijou Tantei~

Simple 2500 Series Portable!!
The Dokodemo Suiri ~IT Tanteizan 68 no Jikenbo~

Simple DS Series
The Kanshikikan, The Kanshikikan 2, The Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu ~The Suiri Bangaihen~ (with Intense), The Bakudan Shori Han, The Suiri ~Shinshou 2009~

Simple 2000 Series 2in1
The Bass Fishing & The Bowling HYPER (with Tamsoft), The Shooting ~Double Shienryu~ & The Helicopter (with Warashi)

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