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I was about to give up on this one - "X-Road" is way too common a phrase for Google to be of any use. But combining it with the Konchuu Saishuu gave their official homepage as the last result, which seems to indicate they actually developed other Simple games with Bestmedia. And the staff worked on some things before the company's formation, like Shutoko Battle for the Dreamcast and the N64 port of Sim City 2000. Interesting! Sort of.
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Simple 2000 Series
The Sniper 2 ~Akumu no Juudan~ (The Sniper 2) (with Bestmedia), The Survival Game (Light War) (with Bestmedia), The Fantasy Renai Adventure: Kanojo no Densetsu, Shimobe no Sekiban (with Bestmedia), The Konchuu Saishuu (with Bestmedia)

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