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Website's down, but once again thanks to the archive i can check out their development history. Which isn't really that interesting, to be honest. They've mainly done a few non-game games, like stuff in the Simple 1500 Utility series.
Official Site:

Simple 1500 Series
The Horror Mystery ~Sangekikan Cabin Hakushaku no Fukkatsu~

Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series
Katei no Fuusui, Seimei Handan, 1 Jikan de Wakaru Kabushiki Toushi, Tarot Uranai (with Vingt-et-un Systems)

Simple 2000 Series
The Touyou Miou Ura Jutsu ~Fuusui - Seimeihandan - Ekiura~

Simple 2000 Series 2in1
The Puzzle Collection 2000mon & The Touyou Miou Urajutsu (with HuneX)

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