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This lot have developed a few odd things in fairly well-known franchises over the years, including Castlevania Chronicles for the PS1, a few Wizardry games, a couple of Legend of the River Kings, Kisha de Go (a Densha de Go spinoff) and Combat Choro Q Advance. Not all of their Simple series games are listed on the website, so it's probably safe to assume they did some other stuff that isn't on there as well. And according to Developer Table, the most useful site ever, that is indeed the case - the two Shin Megami Tensei: Last Bible games for the Game Boy are theirs, along with a bunch of other stuff that isn't Shin Megami Tensei. They're not the same Access as "Access Games", who developed Spy Fiction, by the way.
oh and my notes here say ** Mobile Games inc. "Rose Tea" BL (Bum Love) game, + spinoffs things - so there you go.
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Simple 1500 Series
The Tsuri, The Dodgeball (Super Slammin' Dodge Ball), The Yakyuu 2 ~2002 Pro Yakyuu~

Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series
Shinri Game ~Soreike x Kokology: Kokoro no Uso no Maka Fushigi~

Simple 2000 Series
The Dodgeball ~World Champion Dodge Baller~ (Dodgeball)

Simple 2960 Tomodachi Series
The Table Game Collection ~Mahjong - Shougi - Hanafuda - Reversi~, The Block Kuzushi (Brick 'em All), The Trump ~Minna de Asoberu 12 Shurui no Trump Game~ (Funny Cards) (with Agenda)

Simple Character 2000 Series
Sakigaki! Otoko Juku: The Dochibouru, Cyborg 009: The Block Kuzushi, Sentou Mecha Xabungle: The Race in Action

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