This page is no longer being updated, partially out of protest at the incident now being referred to in the press as "Raw Dangergate", partially due to my own lack of interest in much of their current lineup, but mainly because I can't be arsed any more.

Also because of Noel Edmonds.

505 Games (formerly 505 GameStreet or 505 Game Street or 505GameStreet, depending on how you space it), for the unaware, is an Italian videogame publisher and subsidiary of larger Italian company Digital Bros (who also own distributors Halifax and the G@me Network TV channel), mainly publishing games licensed from Japanese companies. The vast majority of their output has been for the PS2, with a range of full-price games and a budget line called "Simply 20" which mostly consists of D3's Simple 2000 games (although there are some other interesting things in there, if you poke around a bit), but they seem to be largely abandoning that platform in favour of the DS, and have also released a few things for the PS1, Xbox and PSP. Oh, and they never used to bother with such things as advertising and press releases (although that seems to be changing), so a great deal of people remain completely unaware that most of their games even exist.

505 have recently established a UK division, based in Milton Keynes, which seems to be responsible for improving distribution and press awareness of their games (yay!), cancelling Rule of Rose in the UK (boo!) and entering the PC market with ArmA (meh!), but as far as I can tell their HQ is still in Italy.

This here is a list of all of their known past and future releases (as of the last update, anyway), as well as what they were called in Japanese (the actual useful bit) and a very approximate release date. The inaccuracy of dates mainly stems from the fact that it used to be nearly impossible to determine when any given 505 game will be released in any given part of Europe (or other PAL regions, for that matter) - usually they came out in Italy and France first, then randomly appeared in other countries when and if someone feels like distributing them. The situation seems to be improving, though, at least from a UK perspective - new 505 games are appearing in shops, and has pretty much all of them. They aren't exactly easy to find, but then mostly niche titles like this never are. Also, any Japanese name marked as "unconfirmed" is just speculation based on an announced European title.

European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
Energy AirforceEnergy Airforce2004 
Energy Airforce aimStrikeEnergy Airforce aimStrike2004 
Bujingai: SwordmasterBujingai2004"Bujingai: The Forsaken City" in US
Aces of WarReishiki Kanjou SentoukiQ4 2004 
Panzer Front Ausf.BPanzer Front Ausf.BQ1 2005 
Soccer Life! Money, Celebrity and FunSoccer Life! We Are Challengers to EuropeQ2 2005 
Graffiti KingdomRakugaki Oukoku IIQ2 2005 
Le Avventure di Lupin III: Il Tesoro del Re StregoneLupin III: Majutsu-Ou no IsanQ2 2005Italy only
Samurai WesternSamurai Western: Katsugeki Samurai-douQ3 2005 
Guilty Gear IsukaGuilty Gear IsukaQ3 2005 
Edgar: Le Trésor du Roi SorcierLupin III: Majutsu-ou no IsanQ3 2005France only
Harvest FishingKawa no Nushi Tsuri: Wonderful JourneyQ3 2005"River King: A Wonderful Journey" in US
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special EditionBokujou Monogatari: Oh! Wonderful LifeQ4 2005 
Michigan: Report from HellMichiganQ4 2005 
Fire HeroesHard Luck: Return of the HeroesQ4 2005Formerly "Hard Luck"
10,000 BulletsTsukiyo ni SarabaQ4 2005Formerly "Gunslinger"
K-1 Premium Dynamite!!K-1 Premium 2004: Dynamite!!March 2006 
Stella Deus: The Gate of EternityStella DeusMarch 2006 
The Bible GameN/A (previously US only)March 2006what
Magna CartaMagna CartaApril 2006 
HomuraHomuraApril 2006Previously listed as Simply 20
Armored Core: Nine BreakerArmored Core: Nine BreakerApril 2006 
Raiden IIIRaiden IIIApril 2006Previously listed as Simply 20
Street GolferStreet GolferApril 2006Previously listed as Simply 20
Eagle Eye GolfEnjoy Golf!May 2006Formerly "Wai Wai Golf"
Soccer Life 2Soccer Life 2May 2006 
Playwize Poker & CasinoN/A (Payout Poker & Casino in US)June 2006 
Armored Core: Last RavenArmored Core: Last RavenJuly 2006 
Steambot ChroniclesBumpy TrotSeptember 2006 
Wild Arms 4Wild Arms: The 4th DetonatorSeptember 2006 
Rule of RoseRule of RoseOctober 2006Cancelled in UK, released in Italy
Gun ClubN/A (US developed, believe it or not)2007uh
Veggie Tales: Larry and the Bad AppleN/A (US developed)February 2007 
World Championship Poker: All InN/A (US developed)March 2007 
Raw Danger!Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2April 2007Formerly "SOS: The Final Escape 2"
Ar TonelicoAr TonelicoApril 2007 
Brunswick BowlingN/AJune 2007 

PS2 Simply 20
European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
XII StagXII Stag2004 
Zoo PuzzleZooo2004 
Volleyball ChallengeThe Volleyball2004 
Master ChessThe Chess2004 
Pinball FunThe Pinball2004 
Space BasketballBaskelianPlanned 2004Cancelled
Pink PongLove Ping PongQ4 2004 
Motorbike KingKurusou! Tansha KingQ4 2004 
Radio HelicopterThe HelicopterQ1 2005 
Ultimate CasinoThe CardQ1 2005 
World FightingThe Ishu KakutougiQ1 2005 
Twenty 2 PartyThe Party SugorokuQ2 2005 
Assault Suits ValkenAssault Suits ValkenQ2 2005 
DodgeballThe DodgeballQ2 2005 
Splatter MasterThe Splatter ActionQ2 2005 
Fishing Fantasy: BuzzRodBuzzRod: Fishing FantasyQ2 2005 
Yakuza FuryThe NinkyouQ2 2005 
Deep WaterThe Taikai KemonoQ3 2005 
Demolition GirlThe DaibijinQ3 2005 
Shogun's BladeThe Kessen SekigaharaQ3 2005 
Street BoyzKenka Joutou! Yankee BanchouQ3 2005 
Zombie ZoneThe OneechanbaraQ3 2005 
Fighting AngelsThe CatfightQ4 2005 
PaparazziThe Camera KozouQ4 2005 
Party GirlsThe Suiei TaikaiQ4 2005 
Fitness FunLove AerobicJanuary 2006 
Gigawing GenerationsGigawing GenerationsJanuary 2006 
Samurai AcesSengoku AceJanuary 2006JP release packed with Sengoku Blade
TengaiSengoku BladeJanuary 2006JP release packed with Sengoku Ace
Taxi RiderThe TaxiJanuary 2006 
Car Racing ChallengeThe Tousou HighwayFebruary 2006 
Zombie AttackThe Kyonshi PanicFebruary 2006 
Space War AttackThe Uchuu DaisensouMarch 2006 
Iron SeaThe SenkanMarch 2006 
PuzzlemaniacsThe Puzzle CollectionMarch 2006 
Dragon BlazeDragon BlazeApril 2006JP release packed with Sol Divide
Sol DivideSol DivideApril 2006JP release packed with Dragon Blaze
Forty 4 PartyThe Party GameApril 2006 
Kung FuThe Kung FuApril 2006 
Radio Helicopter IIPuchicopter 2April 2006 
Jackpot MadnessSlotter Up ManiaApril 2006 
Vegas ReelsSlotter Up Mania 6April 2006 
Monkey KingThe Saiyuutou SarudenMay 2006 
BaseballManiaThe Pro Yakyuu 2004June 2006 
Power FightersThe Tokusatsu Henshin HeroJune 2006 
Tennis 5.1Love Smash 5.1June 2006 
Katana ActionThe BushidoAutumn 2006 
Become a GeniusThe Unou Drill (unconfirmed)2006 
Monster Attack: InvasionThe Chikyuu Boueigun 2 (unconfirmed)2006maybe
The MajorUnknown2006?Could have been anything, really
Emergency RoomThe Gekai (unconfirmed)2006?looking cancelled, but you never know
Fighting Game (working title)Unknown2006?Possibly referred to Fighting Angels
European Board Game (working title)The Board Game Collection (unconfirmed)2006? 
Board Game (working title)Unknown2006?Possibly referred to ... something else
Test your QA (working title)Unknown2006?Possibly referred to Become a Genius
Block Them All (working title)Unknown2006?Possibly referred to GBA Brick 'Em All
Cards (working title)Unknown2006?Possibly referred to GBA Funny Cards
Light WarThe Survival Game2006?Cancelled? Formerly "Team Combat"
Outlaw DriversChou Saisoku! Zokusha King BU no BU ~Buchigiri Densetsu 2kai~UnknownCancelled?

European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
KoloomnKollonQ4 2005 
Armored Core: Formula Front Extreme BattleArmored Core: Formula Front InternationalJanuary 2006 
Bust A Move GhostPuzzle Bobble Pocket (unconfirmed)February 2006Same as US "Bust-a-Move Deluxe"
Playwize Poker & CasinoN/A (Payout Poker & Casino in US)October 2006 
KameleonKuru Kuru ChameleonNovember 2006 
Aces of WarReishiki Kanjou Sentouki SeikuuouFebruary 2007 
Exit 2Kangaeru ExitFebruary 2007 
Magic SudokuNumpla & Oekaki PuzzleFebruary 2007 
GuruminGuruminMarch 2007 
World Championship Poker: All InN/A (US developed)March 2007 
Brunswick BowlingN/AJune 2007 

European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
Time Bokan: YattamanTime Bokan: BokandesuyoUnknownReleased by Digital Bros under "Halifax" name before 505 existed
Bust A Move 2 + Bust A Move 3DXPuzzle Bobble 2/Puzzle Bobble 3DX2004Both previously released

European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
Dr. SudokuNumpla AdvanceAugust 2006 
Funny CardsThe TrumpSeptember 2006 
Brick 'em AllThe Block KuzushiSeptember 2006 
The Bible GameN/A (US game)November 2006 
The Holy BibleN/A (presumably a US production)November 2006AKA The Holy Game, The Holy Book
Camp Lazlo: Leaky Lake GamesN/A (US developed)February 2007 
Foster's Home for Imaginary FriendsN/A (US developed)February 2007 
Super Robot Taisen: Original GenerationSuper Robot Taisen: Original GenerationFebruary 2007 
Veggie Tales: Larry Boy and the Bad AppleN/A (US developed)February 2007 
Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight AloneYggdra Union: We'll Never Fight AloneMarch 2007 
Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2May 2007 

European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
Guilty Gear IsukaGuilty Gear IsukaJanuary 2006Cancelled?
ESP FightersShikigami no ShiroJanuary 2006Cancelled?
Ultra Bust A MoveUltra Puzzle BobbleFebruary 2006 

European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
Billiard ActionThe BilliardQ4 2005 
DevilishDevilish: Ball BounderQ4 2005 
Bust A Move DSHippatte Puzzle BobbleFebruary 2006 
Top GunTop GunJune 2006US developed game by Mastiff
Brick 'em All DSThe Block KuzushiSeptember 2006"Break 'em All" in US
Beetle KingThe Mushitori OukokuSeptember 2006Formerly "Insect Collector"
Cooking MamaCooking MamaNovember 2006 
Deep LabyrinthDeep LabyrinthDecember 2006 
The Professor's Brain Trainer: MemoryUnoutanren Unotan DS Shunkan Shoubu: KiokuryokuQ1 2007Brain Boost in US
The Professor's Brain Trainer: LogicUnoutanren Unotan DS Shunkan Shoubu: Handanryoku OR ShuchuuryokuQ1 2007Brain Boost in US
Monster BomberMonster BomberQ1 2007 
LabyrinthMawashite KoronQ1 2007Formerly "Cameltry"
Guru GuruGuru Guru NagetQ1 2007 
Monster PuzzleSoroeru Puzzle Douwa OukokuQ1 2007 
Mystery DetectiveOsawari Tantei Ozawa RinaQ1 2007"Touch Detective" in US and France
KameleonKuru Kuru Chameleon DSQ1 2007 
New Touch Party GameTouch Game PartyQ1 2007Apparently not a working title, just a really crap one.
Turn it AroundMawasunda!!Q1 2007 
MinDStormAkiyama Jin Kyouju Kanshuu: Zennou JinJinMarch 2007 
World Championship Poker: Deluxe SeriesN/A (US developed)April 2007i see what they did there
Brain Buster Packunknown/none?May 2007"Brain Buster Puzzle Pack" in US
Wild WesternUnknownMay 2007 
Fishing DSUnknown/none?May 2007 
Tangram Unknown/none?May 2007 
Petit VirusPuchi Puchi VirusUnknownNo sign of Japanese version either

European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
Bust-a-Move WiiPuzzle Bobble BashQ1 2007 
Pop'n PopUnknown/none?April 2007 
Elevator ActionUnknown/none?April 2007 
Cooking MamaCooking Mama: Minna to Issho ni Oryouri Taikai!May 2007Formerly "Cooking Mama: Cooking with International Friends"
Brunswick BowlingN/AJune 2007 
World Championship Poker featuring Howard Lederer or somethingN/AQ2 2007 
The Destiny of ZorroN/A (US developed)Late 2007 

European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
ArmA: Armed AssaultN/A (euro developed)Q1 2007 
Bust a Move OnlinePuzzle Bobble Online (maybe?)2007? 

European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
Armored Core 4Armored Core 427 April 2007 

Xbox 360
European NameJapanese NameRelease DateNotes
Armored Core 4Armored Core 4TBA 

Fuji City

note: this site is not affiliated with or endorsed by 505 Games or Digital Bros. although i try to ensure the information on this page is correct, the release list is not official or confirmed, and should not be taken as such. thanks!