A'Can, aka Super A'Can, aka F-16

Taiwanese game console by Dunhuang Technology (敦煌科技). Funtech appears to be their anglicised name.
Subsidiary of UMC, dissolved after the A'can's failure

Specifications (partial, possibly inaccurate)


Currently in MESS. Three ROMs available - BoomZoo, Super Dragonforce, Sonic Dragon. Emulation is preliminary so far, no sound, some missing graphics, Sonic Dragon doesn't work at all.

Known Games

IDChinese Name Romanised Name Translated Name AKA Developer Notes
F-001福爾摩沙大對決 Fu Er Mo Sha Da Dui Jue Formosa Duel   AV Artisan (Ju Wei Technology) puzzle game
F-002三國志 San Guo Zhi Record of 3 Kingdoms Sango Fighter Panda Software ported from PC (poorly)
F-003邪惡之子 Xie E Zhi Zi Son of Evil   Funtech (Dunhuang Technology) RPG
F-004音速飛龍 Yin Su Fei Long Sonic Dragon Speedy Dragon AV Artisan (Ju Wei Technology) sonic-esque
F-005超級中華職棒聯盟 Chao Ji Zhong Hua Zhi Bang Lian Meng Super China Baseball League   C&E (Quan Wei Technology)  
F-006嘻遊記 Xi You Jie Journey to the Laugh C.U.G Funtech (Dunhuang Technology) platformer
F-007超級光明戰史 Chao Ji Guang Ming Zhan Shi Super Brilliant Battle Chronicle(Super) Dragon Force Kingformation (Jing Xun Information)  
F-008非洲探險 Fei Zhou Tan Xian African Exploration Monopoly: Adventure in Africa Panda Software  
F-009賭霸 Du Ba Gambling Tyrant Gambling Lord Panda Software  
F-010魔棒撞球 Mo Bang Zhuang Qiu Magic Wand Pool Magic Billiard Funtech (Dunhuang Technology)  
F-011爆爆動物園 Bao Bao Dong Wu Yuan Boom Zoo Bomb Bomb Zoo Funtech (Dunhuang Technology) bomberman clone
F-012unknown     Rebel Star unknown extremely rare

all translations are very approximate, i don't speak chinese.
if you have any info, corrections etc, or if you do speak chinese and you want to help out with some stuff, let me know!

more information, photos, screenshots: Super A'Can @ EmuGo
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