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welcome to the GM-95 SERIES! what is this? it's a series of unlicensed taiwanese mega drive games, mostly developed by Gamtec (and a couple by Chuanpu) and supposedly published by a number of different companies: Sun Green, King Tec, City Man, Super Chip, and Ming. it seems likely that all of these "publishers", probably excluding King Tec, are the same entity operating under a number of different pseudonyms for whatever reason, but i don't think this entity is Gamtec. in any case i haven't been able to find out what its actual name is. They all bear a serial number in the format GM-95XXX (Gamtec Megadrive 1995?) but have no other particular relation to each other, and they are all original productions, although i think the cover art often isn't. this page covers all the games in the series i've thus far discovered, explores the various connections between them, their assumed developers and other shit, and goes off on a ridiculous tangent partway through. so let's go!!
GM-95001 Ultimate Mahjong 2
Ultimate Mahjong II Cover

jiu ji ma jiang II
"Ultimate Mahjong II"
AKA Kyuukyoku Mahjong 2, Pretty Girl Mahjong

Published by Sun Green Technology Co., Ltd.

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box front+spine
box back
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Ultimate Mahjong 2 Screenshot 1Ultimate Mahjong 2 Screenshot 2Ultimate Mahjong 2 Screenshot 3Ultimate Mahjong 2 Screenshot 4

I don't know a thing about mahjong, and guess what, this is a mahjong game. Evidently one containing softcore pornography of some description. I suspect from the title that it was pitched as an unofficial sequel to the Japanese unlicensed game sometimes known as "Kyuukyoku Mahjong", also "Dial Q wo Mawase" or "Mahjong Lady" among other assumed names. i think either the current rom is a bad dump or nothing emulates it properly - the game crashes and some of the graphics appear corrupted in every emulator i've tried it in. (the corruption is most noticeable on the lady pictures, but in the second in-game screenshot above you can see some random tiles next to the numbers where a chinese character should be; the third and fourth screenshots are taken from auctions and show the game running on real hardware).

oh and the ROM contains the text "1993 Gamtec", so presumably (if my assumptions are correct about the 95 in GM-95 referring to 1995; only one of the games actually displays a year) that would be not the date when the game was produced, but rather the mahjong engine upon which it was based. the same engine was also used for at least two other games, although they all have different porn in them, which i suppose was the main selling point in those days when the internet was only just approaching the mainstream. But then again, wouldn't a magazine be cheaper?

GM-95002 777 Casino
777 Casino Cover

meng huan shui guo pan
"Illusory Fruit Machine"

Published by City Man Technology Co., Ltd.

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box back
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777 Casino Screenshot 1777 Casino Screenshot 2777 Casino Screenshot 3777 Casino Screenshot 4

This one is ... a casino game (no really), and it probably also contains some softcore pornography. it has a storyline, and a mode where you can wander around the little gambling-obsessed town, and its all very cute and reasonably well-presented - it certainly doesn't look like a porno game, but then asian porno games often don't until someone gets their tits out. people will talk at you in chinese and i never figured out how to actually start any of the casino games for a while, but apparently you have to talk to the bunny girl at the back of the casino to get some chips or something. except i think theres an emu bug/protection/bad dump in this one as well, because it crashes horribly after you talk to two of the bunny girls. even in hazemd. oh and i'm fairly sure it was developed by gamtec; i've found no concrete evidence of that, but just look at it and tell me it wasn't. you can't, can you? see.

games include blackjack, slots, xiao mali (this one also seems to rip off the ring sound effect from sonic), and maybe some more; the attract mode shows some kind of memory game or something which doesn't appear on the map. the first map at least - maybe there are more maps, with more games, and more! just more. but i may never know, because its all in chinese and not emulated properly. boo.

(what the hell is) XIAO MALI

xiaomali machineWould like to review the past touched by it? Hours after each person must have a small box on the Taiwan machine, has a special emotion, that's right! It is a few years ago in the small Mary popular, than the times of its unique mechanism allows players to redouble their bonuses, the function of record scores, players can not interrupt their luck, playing simple is a major feature of it. ~ google translate vs gamtec. 200X

Xiao Mali (小瑪莉), as featured in 777 Casino - and yes that's the only reason this bit is here - is an amusement/ gambling game somewhat popular in taiwan; basically its a bit like a cross between roulette and a slot machine, probably intended as an inexpensive electronic substitute for one or both of those games. although its fairly likely that i am wrong. you can see some videos of one of these machines being played courtesy of "CHANGYUdotCOM", actually an exporter of various taiwanese game machines and cute pandas; if you poke around their website you can find a few more of these. all i'm going to say is if you like pikachu, and you like the vengaboys (and who the hell doesn't?), you'll find the machine of your dreams in there.

i have no idea if Xiao Mali exists under another name elsewhere in the world, although the existence of machines with spanish text on them (and the spanish text on related pages of changyu's site) does somewhat point to some kind of presence in spain or latin america. as for its taiwanese name, "xiao" straightforwardly means "small", and the characters used for "ma" and "li" appear to be mostly used for approximation of foreign words rather than their evidently obscure literal meanings referring to gemstones. together they can represent "mary" or "marie" among other names, but perhaps the commonest is "mario" (as in "super", not just any old mario) - it was the unofficial chinese name for the character most frequently used in taiwan, hence the many pirate famicom carts that refer to "mari", "mary", "mali", "malee" or other variants. many xiao mali machines exist with presumably unofficial mario artwork adorning them (or sometimes non-copyrighted characters that bear a certain resemblance) so i'd suppose they became known as "small mario" after this fact. The most common image by far is the one of Mario humiliating a turtle, but stuff like leopards and trains also seem to be used fairly often, and some exist with updated Mario imagery based on SMB3 or even Gamecube-era art.

standard xiao mali machine, tabletop size closeup on common mario artwork innards of a standard machine smb3-themed fullsize stand-up machine another smb3-themed fullsize stand-up machine leopard themed machine death themed machine with spanish text 3x newer machines

Somewhat inevitably this game was brought to the Famicom (under the name, erm, "Xiao Ma Li") by a company called 内湖電子 "Nei-Hu Electronics" and later re-released by both Idea-Tek and Micro Genius (who called it "Bingo"). judging from certain similarities, Nei-Hu also had a hand in some other IT/MG games, but i'm totally not investigating all that. yet. "fortran" logo with bootleg mariothere was also another version called "Dian Shi Ma Li" or "Big TV Mary Bar" as the cart label has it (which you can see on this page of the excellent japanese site Famicom no Tobira), credited to "Namco Corporation" (uhm) and that one actually features Mario. or some kind of rendition thereof. you may have ascertained that Namco most likey did not actually develop that game; it shows many similarities to Bit Corp's "Jackpot" (which is more a straight slot machine sim rather than a xiao ma li game) so it may be their work. but in the ROM graphics there's some kind of "Fortran" logo, which also appears in Jackpot (and Sheng Hen Pao aka Strip Poker) so i guess it's possible "Fortran" was a company developed all three games for Bit, or maybe it was just a pseudonym Bit intended to use before they hit on the genius idea of pretending to be Namco. Or maybe the games were all programmed in Fortran, just because someone bloody well felt like it. But it certainly explains the F on "Mario"'s cap. Regardless of who made them, though, both versions are fairly simplistic but reasonable simulations of the game, although I kinda prefer Dian Shi for its jovial bootleg Mario and its willingness to wander into the brighter ends of the NES' palette that Xiao entirely shies away from for some reason. and thats pretty much that.

famicom xiao mali title screen famicom xiao mali gameplay famicom dian shi mali title screen famicom dian shi mali gameplay xiao ma li in a suitcase..sort of looks like an ordinary 1970s chest of drawers... but no! hidden xiao mali machine hello kitty prize machine

But were these machines used for gambling, or not? To quote this article, "The Criminal Code, promulgated in 1935, prohibits public gambling and providing a place for gamblers to assemble for profit.". So if they were gambling machines, that would make them illegal to operate publicly, and indeed some of the pictures I've seen of machines cleverly concealed inside a briefcase or chest of drawers would indicate a need to hide them; then again, other machines are full-sized affairs and clearly too big for any of those kinds of shenanigans. and while some have coin trays, others appear to have ticket slots; indeed its possible the "coin" machines only operated on tokens. so i suppose there are a few possibilities here - either they operated legally like medal games (win tokens that can only be used to play the game again) or redemption games (exchange your tickets/tokens for a crap prize), OR semi-legally whereby you would exchange your tokens for cash after playing (similar to the way japanese pachinko halls operate), or just entirely illegally with the machines dispensing cash. it may well be the case that all of these things happened at one point or another; the last one above even appears to dispense prizes directly, but it's the only one i've seen with this capacity. anyway! that's all the speculation i'm going to engage in for now; if anyone actually knows about this stuff, an email or something would be much appreciated.

note ~ most of the images in this section were taken from the auctions of yahoo taiwan seller tracam0315, who is awesome.

GM-95003 16 Tile Mahjong II
NO COVER: Cover art not found for this title. If you have one, please send it to me!

十六張麻將 香豔美人篇
shi liu zhang ma jiang: xiang yan mei ren pian
"16-Tile Mahjong: Sublime Beauty Edition"

Published by City Man Technology Co., Ltd.

additional images
cart (variation)
box front (variation)
box back (variation)

16 Tile Mahjong II Screenshot 116 Tile Mahjong II Screenshot 216 Tile Mahjong II Screenshot 3

based on the same mahjong engine as Ultimate Mahjong 2 above. the original 16 Tile Mahjong game was evidently produced by Gamtec but I don't think it's part of the GM-95 series - i found graphics in that one referring to "Jumbo" so I'm going to lump it in with the other two known Jumbo Team games, assuming I get around to making a page for them, which I might already have done by the time you read this. because i'm just that organised. as for this sequel, there's no rom that i know of, so you can draw your own conclusions as to the likelihood of softcore pornography being contained within.

there also exists a non-GM95 variant of this game, which i hopefully will have put pictures up of by now, entitled "16張麻將2 大會師 艷麗歌舞篇" or something like "16 Tile Mahjong 2 Convention Master: Beautiful Song & Dance Edition", but judging from screenshots only the packaging is different; the subtitles aren't displayed on the title screen, though, so it might be hard to tell if there are differences in featured ladies or gameplay or anything. the box and label for that one resemble those of the original 16 Tile Mahjong, which is incidentally subtitled "Kabukicho Edition".

GM-95201 Thunderbolt II
Thunderbolt II Cover

lei dian chuan shuo II
"Lightning Legend II"
AKA Raiden II, Raiden Densetsu II

Published by Super Chip Co., Ltd./Sun Green Technology Co., Ltd

additional images
box front
box front/different angle
box back
box back + cart

and thus ends the tit-based gambling games. unfortunately, not only do i not have the rom for this one, i couldn't find any screenshots on the taiwanese auction sites, although you can find screenshots (evidently taken from an emulator?) on this page of another excellent japanese site suka sega, upon which you can also find a higher resolution image of the cover (which names "super chip", although the title screen says "sun green", and both use the same logo found on sun green's mahjong 2 cart. hmmm.) highlighting the various untruths in the presumably stolen japanese text on the back, and a video.

anyway, it's a shooter, I haven't played it, and the name utilises the same characters as a certain other popular game. entirely coincidentally, i'm sure. Gamtec also made a Famicom version - I don't think the two have much in common, although the cover art is the same.

Credits: (many thanks to SteveMartin for translating and transcribing these, via a screenshot on suka sega)
導演: 洪吉民 / 腳本: 楊忠溪, 洪吉民 / 程式: 蔡佩君 / 美工: 吳嫣萍 / 音樂: 廖漢明
Director: Hong Jimin / Script: Yang Zhongxi, Hong Jimin / Programming: Cai Peijun / Art: Wu Yanping / Music: Liao Hanming
*note: "Liao Hanming" and "Liao Hanmin" both appear as credits in a few games; the first two characters are the same, last one is different. i assume these are, in fact, the same person, and there aren't just two people with very similar names who both worked as videogame musicians in taiwan in the mid-90s. but you never know.

GM-95301 Super Big 2
Super Big 2 Cover

黑桃2 大老二
hei tao 2: da lao er
"2 of Spades: Big 2"

Published by King Tec Information Co., Ltd.

additional images
cart (variation)
cart (variation w/serial)
box front
box back
box open + cart (variation)

Super Big 2 Screenshot 1Super Big 2 Screenshot 2Super Big 2 Screenshot 3Super Big 2 Screenshot 4

unfortunately this is not the sequel to some amazing game by the name of "super big", rather it's a simulation of the popular asian card game "big 2". i never planned to learn the rules or anything, but i did, thanks mostly to wikipedia. then i ended up becoming quite addicted to this for an evening, despite noticing through my savestate abuse that the hands it deals you are not exactly random. still, it's fun, and i quite like the character designs.

now this game is fairly stylistically and musically different to the Gamtec-developed games in the series, giving me the impression that it may not, in fact, be their work; indeed, completing the game brought up the company name Chuanpu Technologies (川普科技), but the staff consists of three people who worked on Gamtec games (including Liao Hanmin, despite this game's apparent musical differences to his other work - the sound engine is the same as Gamtec's usual, in any case), one previously unknown, and the mysterious "Chuanpu Art Group". could it be that Chuanpu specialised in graphic design but contracted out the rest of the dev work elsewhere? that would certainly account for the more...relevant, shall we say, box art sported by this and Imperial Dynasty when compared to the rest of the series.

incidentally, there is a SNES game that's sometimes referred to as a version of this, but I wouldn't say that's exactly right; that game is titled 超級大老二 (literally "Super Big 2" in Chinese, which was only the English title in this case) and although it was clearly influenced by this game, possibly developed by some of the same people - it shares a few things like icons, text and the odd bit of music - for the most part it's an entirely different animal. the work of the Chuanpu Art Group is certainly long gone. you can see videos of it here and here if you happen to have access to a nico nico douga account.

Credits: (thanks to BX for translating/transcribing)
製作總監: 林碧智 / 腳本企劃: 林姿宜 / 程式設計: 林明晃 / 美術設計: 川普美工群 / 音樂設計: 廖漢民
Production Director: Lin Bizhi / Script Planning: Lin Ziyi / Program Design: Lin Minghuang / Art Design: Chuanpu Art Group / Music Design: Liao Hanmin

king tec logo
(what the hell is) KING TEC

Of these games' "publishers", Sun Green, Super Chip and Ming can all be fairly easily connected to one another; City Man's style is similar enough to Sun Green's before it that I wouldn't particularly hesitate to chuck them in too. Whether these are just related companies or all pseudonyms for one outfit, I'm not sure, but I suspect the latter.

King Tec, on the other hand, the "publisher" of Super Big 2, always struck me as different for some reason; it seemed that my suspicions were confirmed when a google search returned this page, evidence that a company called "King Tec Information" genuinely existed at one point, although the linked website was down. Archived versions of said site, though, revealed a DVR company evidently calling itself "Kin Tec", so I wrote it off as a typo/coincidence (after all, "King Tec" isn't a particularly unusual name) and probably just another pseudonym.

BUT it doesn't end there. Oh no. I thought it did, until I happened upon this post from Japanese Sega-related blog picopico i FEEL ALRIGHT!. There you will see photos of various unlicensed Mega Drive games, including the somewhat critically acclaimed and ass-rare beat 'em up Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan by Never Ending Soft Team. The currently available dump of this game has a 1999 copyright (whether this is a licensed reissue or a pirate, i dunno; it looks slightly dodgy but if a bootlegger went to the trouble to change the year they'd usually remove or change the company name as well), but a 1996 version exists too, and presumably that is the version pictured. Pictured, that is, with a bloody Kin Tec logo on its spine, the exact same logo used (with an extra G) for Super Big 2, just in case there was any doubt. Checking the earliest archived version of Kin Tec's website (the only version I can get to work properly) reveals a logo which, while not identical, does incorporate a star and a swooshy thing and could easily be an updated version of the one seen on the games. So it would appear that the company I found is indeed the same one involved with Super Big 2, and that same company published Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan as well, which I certainly did not see coming. i dunno if that game is related in any other way - it doesn't have any credits Shui Hu DOES actually have credits which you can see in this ending video, and shares staff with other games in this series, particularly Super Big 2. The sound engine also resembles that used in quite a few other unlicensed games, including Chuanpu RPGs, which happens to be stolen from Capt'n Havoc by Data East. it's also used in the MD version of Pokemon Stadium, the SNES version of which shares its own sound engine with that of the SNES Super Big 2. so! connections. definitely. thanks to codeman38 for pointing that out.

So here's a question. what the hell does all this mean for the rest of this page? King/Kin Tec was a real company, and they published at least two games; one developed by Chuanpu and one by Never Ending Soft. The former received a release under this GM-95 series, a series consisting (to my knowledge) entirely of games by Gamtec or Chuanpu, two developers which shared more than a few staff members and must have been quite closely related. So was the numbering system organised by Gamtec and Chuanpu, but the games released through multiple publishers? Or was King Tec the real company behind the whole series, operating under various pseudonyms? Or was it someone else entirely? Everything I find out about this just raises more bloody questions.

GM-95401 Smart Mouse
Smart Mouse Cover

huan le tao qi shu
"Happy Naughty Mouse"

Published by Ming Super Chip Electronic Co., Ltd.

additional images
cart/different angle

Smart Mouse Screenshot 1Smart Mouse Screenshot 2Smart Mouse Screenshot 3Smart Mouse Screenshot 4

this game's cover art is brilliant. supper heity american rat! is it stolen from somewhere? i really must know. anyway, behind the cover you'll find a game that appears to be very much based on the sega classic "pengo" only it's got a mouse in it. this, for the uninitiated, involves pushing blocks around a maze in order to squash enemies and stuff. and this is fine! they haven't fucked up the concept at all, it's all still perfectly enjoyable. i uploaded a video of the last few stages and ending onto youtube if you're interested in that sort of thing. spaceninja88 also uploaded a video of the ending along with these cute pac-man-esque intermissions you get every 10 stages, which weren't in mine because i just cheated my way to the end and never actually saw them. ahem.

bonus gamtec trivia: the music in some of the levels is quite similar to a tune from the nes game "the universe soldiers", which i also have a video of on youtube. but the stage intro/clear music is stolen from wonderboy in monster lair, along with possibly the entire sound driver in many gamtec MD games, as pointed out by codeman38 in the comments of my aforementioned video. so that was a bit cheeky of them. that said, most of the staff seem to be chuanpu people rather than gamtec (judging from the other games they're credited on), so maybe it's actually a chuanpu game? the music guy worked for both companies, which would explain the whole universe soldiers business. OH and on a completely unrelated note i found what appears to be an old version of the title screen while fannying about with cheats. looks like this. yep.

Credits: (thanks again to SteveMartin for translating/transcribing)
製作總監: 林碧智 / 腳本計劃: 余淑娟 / 程式設計: 巫慧蘭 / 美術設計: 林浚瑩 / 美工設計: 林姿宜 / 音樂製作: 廖漢民 / 測試檢驗: 王雅芳
Production Director: Lin Bizhi / Script Planning: Yu Shujuan / Program Design: Wu Huilan / Art Design: Lin Junying / Art Design: Lin Ziyi / Music: Liao Hanmin / Testing : Wang Yafang

GM-95402 Super Magican
Super Magican Cover

ling huan dao shi
"Spiritual Magic Priest"
AKA Elf Wor, Reigen Doushi, Revenge of Fu Manchu (???)

Published by Ming Super Chip Electronic Co., Ltd.

additional images
box front
box back
box contents

Super Magican Screenshot 1Super Magican Screenshot 2Super Magican Screenshot 3Super Magican Screenshot 4

ah Super Magican. strange game that it is. its english name is, i think, a type of can opener, and its chinese name just happens to use the same characters as the japanese famicom game "reigen doushi", released as "phantom fighter" in the US, despite the game itself bearing pretty much no resemblance. it also usually goes under the name "elf wor" because the title from the header as displayed in emulators reads "ERVED OF GAMTEC LTD. TAIWAN R.O.C. GAME : ELF WOR" (ERVED being the end of ALL RIGHTS RESERVED as it appears in the rom. its not someones name. i thought it was. shut up.) and emulation bugs prevent the display of the title screen on all emulators other than HazeMD. i can't find a high enough resolution box shot to show it clearly anymore, but there's a screenshot of the title screen on the back with a Gamtec logo and the text © 199(something) Gamtec Corp - presumably that was removed, but why? (incidentally there are no gameplay screenshots on the box, only the title, some character art and the password screen. hmmmm. far be it from me to suggest the game wasnt finished when the box was designed, but... well, doesn't everyone do that? i recall super mario 64 having some weird early screens on its box)

anyway, the game? you play as this taoist priest dude, tasked with rescuing(?) people scattered around each level, while fighting various monsters and such. i actually had no idea how to complete even the first level for the longest time; there were a number of people that seemed inaccessible no matter what i did. but it transpires you have to select items by buggering around with the d-pad when the game is paused - the yin-yang destroys the lower hedge sections in the first level, for example. and, now i know what i'm doing i kind of like this. it's also a complete and total knockoff of lucasarts' "zombies ate my neighbours" which I didn't realise until recently, not having played that. ahem. AND some of the music is straight from Magic Girl, although that's made by Gamtec too so I suppose I can let them off for that.

Passwords! are as follows, ripped directly from the rom:
3102, 2101, 0132, 0200, 3213, 1213, 3313, 3101, 1301, 2101, 0133, 3121, 2020, 3303, 0112, 2332.
digits indicate the number of times you have to press "up" on the d-pad to obtain the corresponding character. the final password 2332 appears to be disabled but there's still another level after the 0112 one; no ending after that, though, it just boots you back to the title screen. so don't go into it expecting one, is all i can say. i bloody did.

GM-95403 Imperial Dynasty
Imperial Dynasty Cover

帝國王朝 亞瑟傳說篇
di guo wang chao: ya se chuan shuo pian
"Imperial Dynasty: Arthur Legend Chapter"

Published by Super Chip Electronic Co., Ltd.

additional images
box front + spine
box back
box contents

Imperial Dynasty Screenshot 1Imperial Dynasty Screenshot 2Imperial Dynasty Screenshot 3Imperial Dynasty Screenshot 4

this would be the second Chuanpu-developed game in the series. probably. and it's, hey, a Chinese-language RPG. making it mostly impenetrable to me. looks good enough though - much like Super Big 2 it seems entirely different from the rest of the series, but Barver Battle Saga shares certain staff with a few Gamtec and other assorted related games, and that's an RPG supposedly developed by Chuanpu as well. so!

It's also available in a slightly more common version with a ROM dump called 亞瑟傳說 "Ya-Se Chuan Shuo", also subtitled "The Story of Arthur" in English on the packaging, which I was going to post a picture of, but I've lost it, so there it was on my damn site all along. ahem. front+cart here, back here. As you can see it looks the same as this version's except with the different title and no company name or GM-95 number on the back - the title screen is also different and the rest of the game may be different in other ways I can't currently be arsed to investigate. so i've taken screenshots the Imperial Dynasty version from auctions just in case.

GM-95701 Wucom Legend
Wucom Legend Cover

wu kong wai chuan
"Wukong Sidestory"
AKA Legend of Wukong, Goku Gaiden

Published by Ming Technology Co., Ltd.

additional images
manual + cart
box front
cart (variation)
cart back (variation)
box front (variation)
box back (variation)

Wucom Legend Screenshot 1Wucom Legend Screenshot 2Wucom Legend Screenshot 3Wucom Legend Screenshot 4

well this is an interesting one. it's another RPG, albeit one looking stylistically very Gamtec-esque already. it sports some some decent music and a fairly original premise, by mid-90s RPG standards, offering an alternate take on Journey to the West - a 13 year old boy from contemporary (well, 1995) Taiwan is accidentally transported back to Tang Dynasty China, and must travel across the country to recover his missing time machine. but wait! how could i possibly know such details about an RPG in a language I don't speak? well! Legend of Wukong, as they're now calling it, has been licensed from Gamtec for a worldwide English-language release (also featuring fixes to a number of heinous bugs present in the original, ahem) by Super Fighter Team, of Beggar Prince fame. i've got a copy and everything. and yes its quite good, if perhaps unsurprisingly generic. but it does have a certain gamtec charm to it that i may or may not be crazy to appreciate. push start bottom! :D (actually that line was removed. surely the only flaw in the localisation. damn shame.)

Credits: (taken from the chinese version via sukalah32x (aka nobu of, yes, suka sega)'s youtube video, thanks to BX for transcribing/translating)
導演: 洪吉民 / 企劃: 張嘉仁, 吳嫣萍 / 程式: 林翠娥 / 美工: 張嘉仁, 吳嫣萍 / 音樂: 許雅民 / 音效: 林翠娥 / 測試: 洪吉民, 林永章, 蔡佩君, 朱貞信, 曾瓊儀, 陳月蕙 / 特別感謝: 楊國哲, 楊忠溪, 三協資訊全體同仁
Director: Hong Jimin / Planning: Zhang Jiaren, Wu Yanping / Program: Lin Cuie / Artwork: Zhang Jiaren, Wu Yanping / Music: Xu Yamin / Sound Effect: Lin Cuie / Testing: Hong Jimin, Lin Yongzhang, Cai Peijun, Zhu Zhenxin, Ceng Qiongyi, Chen Yuehui / Special Thanks: Yang Guozhe, Yang Zhongxi, Gamtec All Staff

all box/cart pics, xiao ma li photos and the nine jpeg format non-emulator screenshots on this page were taken from ruten & yahoo taiwan auctions.
awesome thanks to any sellers i nicked images off, i love you all. even though most of you won't ship internationally.
everything else: © 2008-9 taizou.