Super Mario Bros. - the game that put the NES on the map, motivated the explosion of the 2D platform genre and spawned one of the greatest examples of the genre, indeed one of the greatest games ever made (but was it 3 or World?). So when the technology came about to play NES games on a computer, then to actually modify said games using said computer, Super Mario Bros. was an obvious target. Many of these early ROM hackers, fascinated with the novelty of being able to defile an all-time classic, concerned themselves mainly with drawing comedy genitalia on everything that moved and turning everything that didn't into a pot leaf. Later efforts, though, featured completely redesigned levels and even new gameplay elements. In recent years, quite a few talented hackers have emerged from Japan, producing some truly excellent (or just somehow interesting) hacks that have still remained relatively obscure elsewhere. Hence this page, then.

Featured Hacks
Kamikaze Mario DX+ by 79
Minigame by Himajin

Coming Soon
XXXX Super Mario Bros. by 79
Super Mushroom by Garuna
Super Mario Bros. 314 by mariofool

Coming Later

Patching instructions
1. Get an unhacked Super Mario Bros. ROM from somewhere (not from me).
2. Find an IPS patcher. There's one just below, or you could try googling for different ones.
3. Use the IPS patcher to apply your chosen patch to the ROM.
4. yeah, that's it.

Other stuff
WinIPS (English version)
NNNesterJ v0.23 (emu for Super Kamikaze Mario DX+, download only)

Thanks to the SMB Archive, the site I nicked many a patch from. And, of course, all the original authors.