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Before getting sucked into D3's seedy underworld, they had a hand in such titles as "Lake Masters EX" and "X-Treme Express: World Grand Prix" which even today can be seen clogging up pre-owned "4 for 20" racks across the UK. There was also something called "Milkybar & Killer Queen", which I have no idea about, so I'll just assume it details the wacky adventures of a white chocolate bar and a homicidal monarch. They're the original odd couple! After that, they saw the low-priced light with their debut Simple game, "The Bass Fishing", which also remains the only PS2 title in the series to be released in the US, and went on to develop the likes of the Splatter Action (which is pretty fun) and The Sensha (which isn't), and a couple of what you'd think are yaoi games but actually have at least one girl in them. Well, I was disappointed. But, hey, I like their logo animation. It's... classy.
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Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series
Tanoshiku Manabu Untenmenkyo, Tarot Uranai (with Game Stage)

Simple 2000 Series
The Bass Fishing (Bass Master Fishing), The Offroad Buggy (Dirt Track Devils), The Renai Simulation ~Watashi ni Oma Cafe~, The Menkyo Shutoku Simulation, The Sensha (Tank Elite), The Kanji Quiz ~Challenge Kanji Kentei~, The Gekai (Emergency Room (unconfirmed)), The Splatter Action (Splatter Master), The Ninkyou (Yakuza Fury), The Kungfu (Kung Fu), The Boku ni Oma Cafe ~Kimagure Strawberry Cafe~, The Menkou Shutoku Simulation ~Dourokoutsuuhou Taiouban~, The Zombie vs Kyuukyuusha (Zombie Virus), The Roman Sabou, The Genshijin (Darwin), The Nihon Tokushubutai (Special Forces), The Nekomura no Hitobito ~Pug Daikan no Akugyouzanmai~, The Marina Monogatari ~Mermaid Prism~

Simple 2000 Ultimate Series
Ururun Quest: Koiyuuki

Simple 2500 Series Portable!!
The Sensha, The Dokodemo Kanji Quiz ~Challenge! Kanji Kentei 2006~

Simple Character 2000 Series
Tsurikichi Sanpei: The Tsuri

Simple DS Series
The Dokodemo Kanji Quiz, The Jidousha Kyoushuusho DS, Yarebadekiru! The Micro Step Gijutsu de Oboeru Eitango, The Sensha, Alc de Minitsuku! TOEIC Test Bunpou Tokkun Hen, Alc de Minitsuku! TOEIC Test Listening Kyouka Hen, Alc de Minitsuku! TOEIC Test Hajimete Hen, The Gekai

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