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Christ, another mystery developer. The only games they'll admit to on their site are Kero Kero King for the PS1 and "Quiz Keitai Q-Mode", an arcade thing somehow related to mobile phones. So, yknow, probably big in Japan. Other than that, they've apparently developed 11 for the Playstation and/or Pocketstation (several of those being Simple 1500 though), 3 for GBC, 3 for GBA and 1 for Wonderswan, with three GBA RPGs, one PS and one PC network game in production. That's as of November 2002. Clients include Taito, Bandai and Enix, don't you know.
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Simple 1500 Series
The Sugoroku, The Gateball, The Takkyuu, The Card 2, The Darts, The Putter Golf, The Kendou ~Ken no Hanamichi~, The Uchuu Hikoushi

Simple 1500 Hello Kitty Series
Hello Kitty Trump

Simple 2000 Honkaku Shikou Series
The Card (Ultimate Casino)

Simple Character 2000 Series
Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Gunjin Shougi

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