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Another prolific one, although unlike Tamsoft they're not as much with the generic action games - main focus seems to be adventure/dating games, tennis and party/minigame/puzzle things. Created Simple series mascot (of sorts) Riho Futaba in the 2001 PS2 game "LoveSongs". Unlike Tamsoft, they're still working for other publishers outside of D3, mainly on PS2 ports of dating/adventure games and such.
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Simple 1500 Series
The Renai Simulation ~Natsu Iro Celebration~, The Renai Simulation 2 ~Fureai~, The Renai Adventure ~Okaeri!~, The Gal Mahjong: Love Songs ~Idol ha High Rate~, The Tozan RPG ~Ginrei no Hasha~

Simple 2000 Series
The Party Game (Forty 4 Party), The Tennis (Tennis Court Smash), The Renai Adventure ~Bittersweet Fools~, The Renai Adventure ~Garasu no Mori~, The Puzzle Collection 2,000 Mon (Puzzlemaniacs), The Pinball x 3 (Pinball Fun), The Yuujou Adventure ~Hotaru Tamashii~, The Hajimete no RPG ~Densetsu no Keishousha~, The Koi to Namida to, Tsuioku... ~Thread Colours: Sayonara no Mukou Kawa~, The Camera Kozou (Paparazzi), Onnanoko Senyou: The Oujisama to Romance ~Ripple no Tamago~, The Hanasou Eigo no Tabi, The Hanasou Kankokugo no Tabi, The Party Game 2 (Party Carnival), The Noroi Game, The Robot Tsukuruuze! ~Gekitou! Robot Fight~

Simple 2000 DC Series
Bittersweet Fools: The Renai Adventure, Natsuiro Celebration: The Renai Simulation, Fureai: The Renai Simulation, Okaeri! The Renai Adventure

Simple 2000 Ultimate Series
Love*Smash! Super Tennis Players, Love*Mahjong!, Love Songs ~Idol ga Classmate~, Wandaba Style, Love*Pingpong! (Pink Pong) (with Tamsoft), Love*Aerobi (Fitness Fun) (with Tamsoft), Love*Mahjong! 2, Love*Smash! 5.1 ~Tennis Robo no Hanran~ (Tennis 5.1), Houkago no Love*Beat

Simple 2500 Series Portable!!
The Tennis (Super Pocket Tennis), The Dokodemo Gal Mahjong

Simple DS Series
The Party Game (Party Carnival)

Simple 2000 Series 2in1
The Tennis & The Snowboard (with Atelier Double), The Puzzle Collection 2000mon & The Touyou Miou Urajutsu (with Game Stage)

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