This is something I worked on ages ago - basically it's a translation patch for Snowboard Champion (also Snobo Champion or Snowbo Champion, based on the Japanese shortening of the word "snowboard"), a GBC game. My primary motivations for this were twofold: first off, it's quite a decent game (it was also Bottom Up's last, as far as I can tell); also the one existing patch, by MageCraft, is a bit shit. *update: there's also now a patch by someone who isn't MageCraft - I haven't tried it out, but it's definitely better than MageCraft's. dunno how it compares to mine or anything.

As far as progress goes, the dialogue between rounds is still Japanese, but all the menus and names and such are translated. Except for a bit of text on the practice menu, for some reason which I'm sure was very clear to me when I didn't translate it. There's also somewhat of a bug with the name entry, where if you leave any spaces blank they'll appear as M's on the dialogue screens, but you can avoid this by actually entering the trailing spaces manually on the name screen. Anyway, it's been so long since I touched this thing I'm hardly likely to just pick everything up from where I left off, so I'm releasing this patch as incomplete for anyone who wants it.

Thanks to toma for the font on which most of the in-game fonts were quite heavily based, and the guy who runs this emporium of sega craziness for the title font.



Five Forty Clockwise
Right, Right, Right, A

Five Forty Anticlockwise
Left, Left, Left, A

Water Wheel
Up, Up, Up, A

Fire Wheel
Down, Down, Down, A

Moon Step Clockwise
Up, Right, Right, Up, A

Moon Step Anticlockwise
Up, Left, Left, Up, A

Dancing Bear Clockwise
Up+B, Right, Right, Down, Down, A

Dancing Bear Anticlockwise
Up+B, Left, Left, Down, Down, A

Snow Drop Clockwise
Down+B, Down, Right, Right, Up, A

Snow Drop Anticlockwise
Down+B, Down, Left, Left, Up, A
Game Credits

Project Producer
Chachamaru Sasazawa

Game Design
Makoto Abe

Character Design
Hiromi Kariya

Main Program
Kasumasa Shimaoka

Sub Program
Atsushi Kanao

Daitoshi Yakushi
Yasutoshi Netsu
Takahide Itou

Michiya Hirasawa

Special Thanks
Tadahiro Murakami
Kei Yokohama

Executive Producer
Shigeru Okamoto

Original Game © 2000 Bottom Up Co., Ltd
Translation Patch © 2006 taizou