Simple 1500 Series
VolJapanese NameDeveloperEuropean NameEuropean PublisherNotes
1The MahjongChatnoir   
2The ShougiAlpha-Beta   
3The Gomoku NarabeItsui   
4The ReversiItsui   
5The IgoKen Chen/Unknown   
6The HanafudaSuccess   
7The CardSuccess   
8The SolitaireSuccess   
9The ChessF.Schneider/Success  Released in US by Agetec as "Billiards"
10The Billiardargent/Success   
11The Pinball -3D-Nekogumi   
12The QuizTears/Ichikawa Software   
13The RaceTamsoftPro RacerMidas InteractiveReleased in US by Agetec as "Racing"
14The Block KuzushiTamsoft   
15The PachinkoClaftman   
16The PachisloUnknown   
17The Bike RaceNCS   
18The BowlingTamsoft  Released in US by Agetec as "Bowling"
19The SugorokuAmedio   
20The PuzzleD3/Unknown   
21The Yakyuu ~Pro Yakyuu Jitsumeiban~
The Baseball ~Pro Baseball Real Name Edition~
22The Pro WresD3/Unknown   
23The GateballAmedio   
24The Gun ShootingTatsunoko Production/Unknown   
25The Keiba
The Horse Racing
26The TennisNekogumiAll-Star TennisMidas InteractiveReleased in US by Agetec as "Tennis"
27The SnowboardAtelier DoubleSnowboard RacerMidas InteractiveReleased in US by Agetec as "Snowboarding"
28The Dungeon RPGMint/Plophet   
29The Tsuri
The Fishing
30The Basket ~1 on 1 Plus~I.T. Planning/Jorudan   
31The Sound NovelOoparts   
32The BoxingNekogumiAll-Star BoxingMidas InteractiveReleased in US by Agetec as "Boxing"
33The Takkyuu
The Table Tennis
34The Quiz Bangumi
The Quiz Show
35The ShootingCyberDreams/C.I.I.  Released in US by Agetec as "Shooter: Space Shot"
36The Renai Simulation ~Natsu Iro Celebration~
The Love Simulation ~Summer Colour Celebration~
37The Illust Puzzle & Slide PuzzleEarthly Production   
38The Real Racing: ToyotaD3/Unknown   
39The Mahjong 2Warashi   
40The Shougi 2Warashi   
41The Reversi 2Yuki Enterprise   
42The Igo 2Yuki Enterprise   
43The Hanafuda 2Yuki Enterprise   
44The Card 2Amedio  Released in US by Agetec as "Card Games"
45The Block Kuzushi 2TamsoftBlock BusterPhoenix Games 
46The Mahjong Ochige: Rakujong
The Mahjong Falling Game: Falljong
47The SkateboardMicrocabin/Atelier Double   
48The Puzzle 2Axes Art AmuseDestructo 2Phoenix Games 
49The CasinoBreak   
50The Billiard 2argent   
51The Jigsaw PuzzleAMS   
52The Pro Wres 2Yuke's   
53The HelicopterTomcat System  Released in US by Agetec as "RC Helicopter"
54The Volleyball ~Break Volley Plus~Aqua Rouge/ART  Update version of "Break Volley"
55The DartsAmedio   
56The SniperSol/Bestmedia   
57The Meiro
The Maze
58The Sumou
The Sumo
Multimedia Intelligence Transfer   
59The Suiri ~IT Tantei: 18 no Jikenbo~
The Inference ~IT Detective: Case File 18~
Tomcat System   
60The Table HockeyBreak   
61The Quiz 2Ooparts   
62The SkiAtelier Double   
63The Gun Shooting 2AMS   
64The KickboxingJorudanKickboxing KnockoutMidas InteractiveReleased in US by Agetec as "Kickboxing"
65The GolfHighwaystar   
66The Kaiten: Mawasunda!!
The Rotation: Revolve-nda!
Taito  Port of arcade game
67The Soccer ~Dynamite Soccer 1500~A-Max   
68The RC Car: RC de Go!TaitoRC de GoAcclaim (pre-Simple version)Previously released by Taito
69The Putter GolfAmedio  Released in US by Agetec as "Putter Golf"
70The War Simulation ~Jin no Sourishimono Tachi~Sol/Bestmedia   
71The Renai Simulation 2 ~Fureai~
The Love Simulation 2: Contact
72The Beach VolleyBreak   
73The Invader ~Space Invader 1500~Taito   
74The Horror Mystery ~Sangekikan Cabin Hakushaku no Fukkatsu~
The Horror Mystery ~Tragedy Hall Cabin Count's Revival~
Game Stage   
75The Double Shooting ~Ray Storm x Ray Crisis~Taito  Previously released by Taito separately
76The DodgeballaccessSuper Slammin' Dodge BallMidas InteractiveReleased in US by Agetec as "All-Star Slammin' D-Ball"
77The Suiei
The Swimming
78The Zero Yon
The Zero-Four
79The Shisenshou
The Sichuan
Irem Software Engineering/Warashi   
80The Jintori ~Volfied 1500~Taito  Released in US by Mud Duck as "Qix Neo"
81The Renai Adventure ~Okaeri!~
The Love Adventure ~Welcome Home!~
82The Sensuikan
The Submarine
Tomcat System   
83The Wakeboard ~Burstrick Wake Boarding!!~Metro CorporationBurstrick Wake Boarding!!JVC Music Europe (pre-Simple version)Previously released by Metro
84The Intro QuizAMS   
85The Sengoku Bushou ~Tenkatouitsu no Yabou~
The Sengoku Commander ~Ambitions of National Unification~
86The Onigokko
The Tag
87The Kyoutei
The Boat Race
88The Gal Mahjong: Love Songs ~Idol ha High Rate~
The Gal Mahjong: Love Songs ~Idol is High-Rate~
89The Power Shovel ~Power Shovel ni Norou!!~
The Power Shovel ~Get On the Power Shovel!!~
TaitoPower DiggerzJVC Music Europe (pre-Simple version)Previously released by Taito
90The Sensha
The Tank
Highwaystar  Released in US by Agetec as "Mobile Armor"
91The GamblerTomcat System   
92The Tozan RPG ~Ginrei no Hasha~
The Mountain Climbing RPG ~Conqueror of the Silvery Peak~
93The Puzzle Bobble ~Puzzle Bobble 4~TaitoBust-a-Move 4Acclaim (pre-Simple version)Previously released by Taito
94The Cameraman ~Gekisha Boy Omakefu~
The Cameraman ~Gekisha Boy with Extras~
Irem Software Engineering/Tomcat System  Port of PC Engine "Gekisha Boy"
95The Hikouki
The Aeroplane
Highwaystar  Released in US by Agetec as "Aces of the Air"
96The Yakyuu 2 ~2002 Pro Yakyuu~
The Baseball 2 ~2002 Pro Baseball~
97The SquashHighwaystar  Released in US by Agetec as "Street Racquetball"
98The FutsalAxes Art Amuse   
99The Kendou ~Ken no Hanamichi~
The Kendo ~Walkway of the Sword~
100The Uchuu Hikoushi
The Astronaut
101The Sentou
The Public Bath
Max Entertainment   
102The Densha Untenshi: Densha de Go! Nagoya Tetsudou Hen
The Train Driver: Densha de Go! Nagoya Railway Edition
103The Ganso Densha Untenshi ~Densha de Go!~
The Pioneer Train Driver ~Densha de Go!~
104The Pink Panther ~Pinkadelic Pursuit~Etrange LibellulesPink Panther: Pinkadelic PursuitWanadoo Edition (pre-Simple version)French developed game, released in Europe first