Simple 2000 Series
VolJapanese NameDeveloperEuropean NameEuropean PublisherNotes
1The Table GameYuki Enterprise   
2The Party GameHuneXForty 4 Party505 GameStreet 
3The Bass FishingVingt-et-un SystemsBass Master FishingAgetec EuropeReleased in US by Agetec as "Fisherman's Bass Club"
4The Double Mahjong PuzzleMetro Corporation   
5The Block Kuzushi Hyper
The Block Destruction Hyper
TamsoftBust-a-BlocMidas Interactive 
6The SnowboardAtelier DoubleSnowboard Racer 2Midas Interactive 
7The Boxing ~Real Fist Fight~TamsoftBoxing ChampionsMidas Interactive 
8The TennisHuneXTennis Court SmashAgetec Europe 
9The Renai Adventure ~Bittersweet Fools~
The Love Adventure ~Bittersweet Fools~
10The Table Game Sekaihen
The Table Game World Compilation
Yuki EnterpriseUltimate Mind GamesMidas Interactive 
11The Offroad BuggyVingt-et-un SystemsDirt Track DevilsMidas Interactive 
12The Quiz 20,000 Mon
The Quiz 20,000 Questions
13The Renai Adventure ~Garasu no Mori~
The Love Adventure ~Forest of Glass~
14The BilliardargentBilliards XcitingAgetec Europe 
15The RugbySiesta   
16The Sniper 2 ~Akumu no Juudan~
The Sniper 2 ~Bullet of Nightmare~
Bestmedia/X-RoadThe Sniper 2Midas Interactive 
17The Suiri ~Aratanaru 20 no Jikenbo~
The Inference ~20 New Casebooks~
Tomcat System   
18The Party SugorokuJapan Art MediaTwenty 2 Party505 GameStreetPlanned for release by Agetec as Deep Sea Party
19The Renai Simulation ~Watashi ni Oma Cafe~
The Love Simulation ~My Oma Cafe~
Vingt-et-un Systems   
20The Dungeon RPG: Shinobu ~Mamono no Sumu Shiro~
The Dungeon RPG: Shinobu ~The Goblin Inhabited Castle~
TamsoftEternal QuestMidas Interactive 
21The Bishoujo Simulation RPG ~Moonlight Tale~
The Beautiful Girl Simulation RPG ~Moonlight Tale~
Yuki Enterprise   
22The Tsuukin Densha Untenshi ~Densha de GO! 3 Tsuukinhen~
The Commuter Train Officer ~Densha de GO! 3 Commuter edition~
Taito  Commuter edition of Densha de Go 3
23The Puzzle Collection 2,000 Mon
The Puzzle Collection 2,000 Problems
HuneXPuzzlemaniacs505 GameStreet 
24The Bowling HyperTamsoftBowling XcitingAgetec Europe 
25The Menkyo Shutoku Simulation
The License Acquisition Simulation
Vingt-et-un Systems   
26The Pinball x 3HuneXPinball Fun505 GameStreet 
27The Pro Yakyuu ~2003 Pennant Race~
The Pro Baseball ~2003 Pennant Race~
28The Bushidou ~Tsujigiri Ichidai~
The Bushido ~The Age of Tsujigiri~
ALUKatana Action505 GameStreetPlanned for release by Agetec as Samurai Combat. EU release cancelled (twice)
29The Renai Board Game ~Seishun 18 Radio~
The Love Board Game ~Youth 18 Radio~
Billiken Soft   
30The Street Baske 3on3TamsoftBasketball XcitingAgetec Europe 
31The Chikyuu Boueigun
The Earth Defense Force
SandlotMonster AttackAgetec Europe 
32The Sensha
The Tank
Vingt-et-un SystemsTank EliteAgetec Europe 
33The Jet Coaster: Yuuenchi wo Tsukurou!
The Jet Coaster: Let's Make an Amusement Park!
BimboosoftRollercoaster WorldMidas Interactive 
34The Renai Horror Adventure ~Hyouryuu Shoujo~
The Love Horror Adventure ~Drifting Girl~
35The HelicopterTomcat SystemRadio Helicopter505 GameStreet 
36The Musume-Ikusei Simulation ~Otousan to Issho~
The Daughter Raising Simulation ~Father and Company~
Yuki Enterprise   
37The Shooting ~Double Shienryu~WarashiSteel Dragon EXMidas Interactive 
38The Yuujou Adventure ~Hotaru Tamashii~
The Friendship Adventure ~Hotaru Soul~
HuneX  :D
39The Boku no Machi Zukuri: Machi-ing Maker++
The My Town Planning: Machi-ing Maker++
Indi Software  Updated version of Machi-ing Maker (Metropolismania)
40The Touyou Miou Ura Jutsu ~Fuusui - Seimeihandan - Ekiura~
The Three Major Oriental Fortune Telling Arts ~Feng Shui - Onomancy - Divination~
Game Stage   
41The VolleyballD3/UnknownVolleyball Challenge505 GameStreet 
42The Ishu Kakutougi: Boxing vs Kick vs Karate vs Pro Wres vs Juujutsu vs...
The Various Unarmed Fighting Disciplines: Boxing vs Kick vs Karate vs Pro Wrestling vs Jujitsu vs...
DaftWorld Fighting505 GameStreet 
43The Saiban ~Shinmai Shihoukan Momota Tsukasa no 10 no Saiban File~
The Trial ~Novice Judicial Officer Tsukasa Momota's 10 Trial Files~
Tomcat System   
44The Hajimete no RPG ~Densetsu no Keishousha~
The First RPG ~Legend of the Successor~
45The Koi to Namida to, Tsuioku... ~Thread Colours: Sayonara no Mukou Kawa~
The Love and Tears and Reminiscence and... ~Thread Colours: Facing Goodbye~
46The Kanji Quiz ~Challenge Kanji Kentei~
The Kanji Quiz ~Challenge Kanji Certification~
Vingt-et-un Systems   
47The Kessen Sekigahara
The Decisive Battle of Sekigahara
TamsoftShogun's Blade505 GameStreet 
48The Taxi ~Untenshu ha Kimida~
The Taxi ~You Are The Driver~
TamsoftTaxi Rider505 GameStreet 
49The Dodgeball ~World Champion Dodge Baller~accessDodgeball505 GameStreet 
50The Daibijin
The Large Beautiful Woman
TamsoftDemolition Girl505 GameStreet 
51The Senkan
The Battleship
TamsoftIron Sea505 GameStreet 
52The Chikyuu Shinryakugun ~Space Raiders~
The Earth Invasion Force ~Space Raiders~
TaitoSpace Invaders: Invasion DaySammy Europe (pre-Simple version)Previously released by Taito
53The Camera Kozou
The Camera Apprentice
HuneXPaparazzi505 GameStreet 
54The Taikai Kemono
The Ocean Beasts
TamsoftDeep Water505 GameStreet 
55The Catfight: Onna Neko Densetsu
The Catfight: Woman Cat Legend
TamsoftFighting Angels505 GameStreet 
56The Survival GameBestmedia/X-RoadLight War505 GameStreetEU release cancelled
57The Pro Yakyuu 2004
The Pro Baseball 2004
TamsoftBaseballmania505 GameStreetEU release cancelled
58The Gekai
The Surgeon
Vingt-et-un SystemsEmergency Room (unconfirmed)505 GameStreetEU release cancelled
59The Uchuujin to Hanasou! ~Uchuujintte naani?~
The Let's Speak to an Alien! ~What's an alien?~
Taito  Previously released by Taito
60The Tokusatsu Henshin Hero
The SFX Transformation Hero
DaftPower Fighters505 GameStreet 
61The Oneechanbara
The Sister Swordfight (pun - oneechan + chanbara)
TamsoftZombie Zone505 GameStreet 
62The Super Puzzle Bobble DXTaito  Compilation of Super Puzzle Bobble 1 and 2
63Mogitate Mizugi! Onna Mamire no The Suiei Taikai
Fresh-Picked Swimsuits! Woman-Covered The Swim Meet
TamsoftParty Girls505 GameStreet 
64The Splatter ActionVingt-et-un SystemsSplatter Master505 GameStreet 
65The Kyonshi PanicTamsoftZombie Attack505 GameStreet 
66The Party Unou Quiz
The Party Right-Brain Quiz
IMJ Entertainment/Mobile & Game Studio   
67The Suiri ~Soshite Daremo Inakunatta~
The Inference ~And Then There Were None~
Tomcat System   
68The Tousou Highway ~Nagoya-Tokyo~
The Escape Highway ~Nagoya-Tokyo~
TamsoftCar Racing Challenge505 GameStreet 
69The Board Game CollectionTomcat System  Previously released by D3 as European Game Collection
70The Kanshikikan
The Judgement Official
Tomcat System   
71The Fantasy Renai Adventure: Kanojo no Densetsu, Shimobe no Sekiban
The Fantasy Love Adventure: Her Legend, My Lithograph
Bestmedia/X-Road  Previously released by D3
72The Ninkyou
The Chivalry
Vingt-et-un SystemsYakuza Fury505 GameStreet 
73The Saiyuutou Saruden
The Journey to the West Battle Monkey Legend
TamsoftMonkey King505 GameStreet 
74Onnanoko Senyou: The Oujisama to Romance ~Ripple no Tamago~
For Girls Only: The Prince and Romance ~Egg of Ripple~
HuneX  Previously released by D3
75The Tokudane ~Nihon Zankoku Scoop Rettou~
The Exclusive News ~Japan National Scoop Islands~
Tomcat System   
76The Hanasou Eigo no Tabi
The Spoken English Journey
77The Hanasou Kankokugo no Tabi
The Spoken Korean Journey
78The Uchuu Taisensou
The Great Space War
IMJ Entertainment/Bit TownSpace War Attack505 GameStreet 
79Akko ni Omakase! The Party Quiz
Leave it to Akko! The Party Quiz
80The Oneechamploo ~The Neechan Tokubetsuban~
The Sister Champloo ~The Sister Special Compilation~ (pun - oneechan + champloo)
TamsoftZombie HuntersEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
81The Chikyuu Boueigun 2
The Earth Defense Force 2
SandlotGlobal Defence ForceEssential Games (D3P Europe)hurry up and bloody release it already, would you?
82The KungfuVingt-et-un SystemsKung Fu505 GameStreet 
83The Konchuu Saishuu
The Insect Collection
84The Boku ni Oma Cafe ~Kimagure Strawberry Cafe~Vingt-et-un Systems   
85The Sekai Meisaku Gekijou Quiz
The World Masterpiece Theatre Quiz
86The Menkou Shutoku Simulation ~Dourokoutsuuhou Taiouban~
The License Acquisition Simulation ~Version for Revised Road Traffic Laws~
Vingt-et-un Systems   
87The Senko (The Nadeshiko)
The War Girl (The Nadeshiko)
TamsoftDragon SistersEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
88The Mini Bijo Keisatsu (The Mini Suke Police)Daft   
89The Party Game 2HuneXParty CarnivalEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
90The Oneechanbara 2
The Sister Swordfight 2 (pun - oneechan + chanbara)
TamsoftZombie Hunters 2Essential Games (D3P Europe) 
91The All*Star Kakutou Matsuri
The All*Star Fighting Festival
Digital ZeroAll-Star FightersEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
92The Noroi Game
The Cursed Game
93The Unou Drill
The Right-Brain Drill
LuxeBecome a Genius (unconfirmed)505 GameStreetEU release cancelled
94The Akachampion: Come On Baby
The Baby Champion: Come On Baby (pun - akachan + champion)
Expotato  Previously released by Expotato in Korea
95The Zombie vs Kyuukyuusha
The Zombie vs Ambulance
Vingt-et-un SystemsZombie VirusEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
96The Kaizoku ~Gaikotsu Ippai Re-tsu!~
The Pirate ~Lots of Skeletons Lined Up!~
Digital WareBuccaneerEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
97The Koi no Engine ~Darling Special: Backlash~
The Engine of Love ~Darling Special: Backlash~
Nest/T's Factory  Previously released by D3 as Darling Special: Backlash ~Koi no Exhaust Heat~
98The Roman Sabou
The Roman Teahouse
Vingt-et-un Systems   
99The Genshijin
The Primitive Man
Vingt-et-un SystemsDarwinEssential Games (D3P Europe)Release in US by D3 as "Adventures of Darwin"
100The Otokotachi no Kijuuhouza
The Men's Machine Gun Platform
Opus Studio   
101The Oneechanpon ~The Neechan 2 Tokubetsuhen~
The Sister Mixture (pun - oneechan + chanpon) ~The Sister 2 Special Edition~
102The Hohei ~Senjou no Inutachi~
The Infantry ~Dogs of the Battlefield~
TamsoftCovert CommandEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
103The Chikyuu Boueigun Tactics
The Earth Defense Force Tactics
thinkArtsGlobal Defence Force: TacticsEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
104The Robot Tsukuruuze! ~Gekitou! Robot Fight~HuneX   
105The Maid Fuku to Kikanjuu
The Maid Outfit and Machine Gun
106The Block Kuzushi Quest ~DragonKingdom~TamsoftBeta BlocEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
107The Honoo no Kakutou Banchou
The Blazing Fighting Leader
Opus StudioHard Knock HighEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
108The Nihon Tokushubutai
The Japan Special Forces
Vingt-et-un SystemsSpecial ForcesEssential Games (D3P Europe) 
109The Taxi 2 ~Untenshi ha Yappari Kimi da!~
The Taxi 2 ~You are Still the Driver!~
110The Tousou Prisoner ~Los City Shinjitsu heno 10 Jikan~
The Escaping Prisoner ~10 Hours to the Los City Truth~
Tamsoft  Originally appeared as "The Escape from Los Angeles"
111The Itadaki Rider ~Omae no Bike ha Ore no Mono~
The Receiving Rider ~Your Bike is Mine~
3D0JackedEmpire Interactive (pre-Simple version)Was in development at 3D0 when they went tits-up, salvaged by Empire
112The Tousou Highway 2 ~Road Warrior 2050~
The Escape Highway 2 ~Road Warrior 2050~
113The Tairyou JigokuTamsoft   
114The Jo'okappichi Torimonochou ~Oharuchan GOGOGO!~Tamsoft   
115The Room Share to Iu Seikatsu.thinkArts/GCrest   
116The Nekomura no Hitobito ~Pug Daikan no Akugyouzanmai~Vingt-et-un Systems   
117The ZerosenMobile & Game Studio/Bit Town   
118The Ochimusha ~Ikaebu Samurai Toujou~Tamsoft   
119The Survival Game 2Bestmedia   
120The Saigo no Nihonhei ~Utsukushiki Kokudo Dakkan Sakusen~Tamsoft   
121The Boku no Machi Zukuri 2 ~Machi-ing Maker 2.1~Indi Software   
122The Marina Monogatari ~Mermaid Prism~Vingt-et-un Systems   
123The The Office Love Jikenbo ~Reijou Tantei~Tomcat System  Previously released by D3