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"Dragon Quest 9" "Crystal Version"

That last random Chinese Game Boy game turned out to be an original, even if not a particularly good one... So I have a good feeling about this next one too! Presenting DRAGON QUEST 9:

That text in the blue there says "Crystal Version". Crystal Version? Hmmmmm. I have a strange feeling this will have some degree of significance, but I'm not exactly sure why...

Oh and here's what the PCB looks like, just because. I'm being fucking thorough here.

Incidentally, this game was published by a company called Xing Xing Technology, also known as Li Cheng, also known as Winsen, also known as Yongsheng, also known as Niutoude. A lot of names for an entirely legitimate business there. This is number CBA043 in a series of far too many - but other carts from this company have turned up various original games, stuff by Vast Fame and Sintax and who knows who else, so there's bound to be something interesting in here, right? so let's start it up!

well that's a scruffy looking title screen but okay

Oh for fuck's sake.

posted by taizou at 13:28:16 on 04/02/2012 in game boy


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also, people have a lot of bones to pick with the GBC version of Crystalis, but - only having played either version for about five minutes - my biggest problem is the new title screen. i mean look at that bullshit.

posted by taizou at 13:33:35 on 04/02/2012


Wait a second, Yongsheng? Do you think Winsen are Yong Yong? D:

posted by RobGBA at 21:38:30 on 04/03/2012


Oh hell no.

posted by taizou at 20:16:08 on 05/03/2012


So that wraps up the mystery of Niutoude. It's quite funny how they 100% rip off the Nintendo logo :P

posted by ActionGame104 at 13:19:43 on 08/08/2012


posted by Anonymous at 10:50:54 on 09/04/2013

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