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Okay so I've decided I'm going on a bit of a different tack with this thing for a while - although I do still have a few big-ass projects and other various things planned, I've been pretty busy lately and I've become conscious of the fact that I'm accumulating all this interesting (well, to me) crap that I never mention anywhere aside from maybe a brief post on this forum, and I might as well post something about it somewhere.

It's mostly the kind of stuff that I'd previously stick up on one of my youtube channels and have done with it, but video capture/editing/conversion is the bane of my total entire existence and I really can't get satisfactory results from anything at the moment, so for now I'll be doing this through the medium of blog post. i can pretty much guarantee there'll be something in there you haven't seen before. And you can tell I'm totally serious because I hacked on an extra bit to the shit old script that runs this site and everything. happy end of the world everyone!

posted by taizou at 00:05:16 on 31/01/2012 in site updates ~ comments (1)

stop! hummer time

i own, like, loads of plug & play consoles, but not many of them are as interesting as the Samuri. why? because it's a damn Hummer Team plug & play console, that's why! So maybe you should check that out, if you're interested in either obscure plug & play consoles or Hummer Team.

and if you are interested in obscure plug & play consoles you might also want to check out my secondary youtube account where i've uploaded a few videos of games off them. I'll also probably upload a video of the games on the Samuri to either that or my main youtube account at some point.

posted by taizou at 05:39:00 on 14/06/2011 in site updates ~ comments (0)


I've just released a translation patch for the Game Boy Color game Harry Potter 3. so, if for some reason you ever wanted to play this thing with its small amount of text translated into English.. enjoy! if you notice any bugs or anything (except the palette issues mentioned in the readme, which were in the original) let me know.

posted by taizou at 19:27:45 on 16/03/2011 in site updates ~ comments (3)

legend of the host lion

just moved hosts, everything should be the same as before (hopefully a bit faster) but if anything's broken let me know.

i definitely still have some updates in the pipeline (honestly) but in the meantime i've also been uploading a bunch of shit to youtube of late, mostly undumped unlicensed gameboy games, so you should totally check that out. also if you're at all interested in pirate/unlicensed/taiwanese/chinese console games of any variety the Pirated Games Central Forums (which i designed the theme for, yay) and Bootleg Games Wiki are definitely worth a visit.

posted by taizou at 23:52:10 on 13/12/2010 in site updates ~ comments (0)


Okay, I just added the long-overdue ability to browse through these posts by page (and by category too, even) because if I keep up this trend of actually posting stuff rather than just saying "hey I updated x, go look at it", I guess people might want to read it. Well, stranger things have happened. And that old "temporary" list of links to posts wasn't really cutting it for actual reading purposes, especially given my tendency towards completely useless post titles that only vaguely hint at the posts' subject matter. Like this one!

There'll probably be a couple more changes on the way, and I've cleaned up quite a lot of the code behind the scenes (before messing it up again with the aforementioned update) so as per usual if you notice something broken, let me know. Even if it's only slightly broken! It might be a sign of much greater brokenness to come.

posted by taizou at 03:52:04 on 21/06/2010 in site updates ~ comments (0)

simply dying?

updated the simple list. i hadn't touched it in almost a year, but it still wasn't massively out of date. which is testament to how little activity the series has seen recently, i suppose. i wonder if people just aren't buying them any more? there hasn't even been a DS release in ages.

D3 seem to be trying to resurrect it on download services, but i guess quirky low-budget games are pretty much what everyone else is doing on download services too, so they might have trouble standing out from the crowd. good luck to them, anyway!

posted by taizou at 18:36:14 on 21/02/2010 in site updates ~ comments (2)

board out of my mind

well i totally changed up the message board again. i mean i know no one posts on it but the sort of 90s-web-design-meets-80s-colour-scheme thing was starting to look less charmingly retro and more... shit. now hopefully less shit? maybe.

posted by taizou at 22:19:54 on 01/02/2010 in site updates ~ comments (0)

i'm so fucking future

it's 2010! the future! and somewhere near this site's 5th anniversary. sort of. i've completely lost every news post from its earliest incarnation (the one that seriously nobody visited, as opposed to the like three people and twelve spambots that visit this one) thanks to a knackered hard drive. okay, i do prefer to blame the hard drive, but honestly it's equally my fault - it just so happens that the drive broke right after i'd formatted it having forgotten to back up the directory containing the file in question. but still! i can estimate, based on timestamps and the like, that the site that would later become this one was created sometime in january of 2005, which conveniently means i can upload this 5th anniversary/2010 redesign thingy whenever i get around to finishing it. which is today! woo.

it looks a bit different in ie6 because that browser doesn't support transparent pngs properly, and although this design could almost certainly be achieved without them, no one's paying me to do this and i'm too lazy to sort it out. sorry! but if you have any thoughts or notice any problems in any browser newer than ie6 (or indeed any in ie6, since it should only look different, not broken) it'd be much appreciated if you left a comment or something.

posted by taizou at 06:22:54 on 22/01/2010 in site updates ~ comments (1)


i've updated the Gamate pages with a whole bunch of new stuff - new games, company info, PCB shots, and much (okay, a bit) more. so, check it out! if you like that sort of thing. and why wouldn't you?

posted by taizou at 04:20:32 on 08/09/2009 in site updates ~ comments (1)