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Neo Neo Fuji

I've launched my new site/blog/thing today at - basically it's going to be Neo Fuji 2.0 and you should totally go and check it out!

This site is just going to serve as an archive from now on (I never used it since I started Handheld Underground anyway, and parts of it are getting a bit outdated/unwieldy) but hopefully I'll see you all over there!

posted by taizou at 19:42:06 on 08/02/2014 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

let's hold hands

hey! just a quick (because it's, like, 3:30am) announcement here - my previously mentioned new site, Handheld Underground (the one that's already had a youtube channel for ages), is now up! there's no content yet though. but that's all coming!

posted by taizou at 03:31:29 on 19/07/2012 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

back on the net

sorry about all the downtime lately, my (now former) host has been (and probably still is) having some pretty massive problems, not least of which being that they don't actually seem to have any human staff any more. but hey, i'm back with yet another shiny new host! which hopefully won't crap out on me or anything! yay!

anyway i'm pretty sure everything should be back to normal - and possibly faster - but since I had to restore all this manually I might have overlooked something, so if you notice anything broken or missing then leave a comment. Unless the comments are the thing that's broken, in which case email me instead. Thanks!

posted by taizou at 02:37:47 on 11/05/2012 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

tubes underground

breaking internet news of, i'm sure, massive importance: i've started yet another youtube channel, for gameboy games. this is partially because i'm planning to more or less start a whole new site for handheld stuff, which will be here when it's ready.

i dunno if this will take off, maybe it'll all just get quietly folded back into neofuji when i can't be arsed with it anymore (it's a bit of a gamble because "handheld underground" has an obvious focus to it, whereas neofuji's nonspecifity has served it well over the years - i can basically cover anything or nothing on here. like how it used to be mostly about japanese budget games, and now it isn't. and did you know when i first started it i was planning to do something about movies as well? that never happened obviously) but for now this is definitely a thing i'm going to do. so, check out the youtube channel for now, there are two things up there already. and watch this space for more site info!

posted by taizou at 04:16:47 on 18/03/2012 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

happy xmas, xmas people!

I was kinda hoping to have something to post for Christmas but that didn't happen. Sorry! I have like ten things in the works pending laziness as usual so, hey, you never know what might happen in 2012.

posted by taizou at 23:29:29 on 25/12/2011 in uncategorised ~ comments (4)


i'm actually going to start using the official neofuji twitter account that i registered back in april or something. because i'm always totally on the cutting edge of a few years ago. yay! maybe in 2015 i'll actually display the twitter feed on the site somewhere too.

posted by taizou at 19:48:47 on 05/01/2011 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)


well in the last minute of the first day of 2011, i just remembered to post this. so yay happy new year etc etc. im sure at least *some* of the shit i've got planned will make its way out this year. woo!

posted by taizou at 23:59:21 on 01/01/2011 in uncategorised ~ comments (1)

merry christmas!

from crazy santa


posted by taizou at 18:56:18 on 25/12/2010 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)

six machine

just a quick sort of survey... esque thing - if you're using IE6 to view this site, could you leave a comment on this post? looking at my stats it seems to be the most popular individual browser version used here, but I know this site is visited by a lot of spambots - the no. 1 referrer at the moment is a porn site, i guess either thats spam related or they mistakenly linked here and i'm getting a lot of disappointed visitors at the moment :D

so i'm just curious to know whether lots of my human visitors are genuinely still using IE6, or if its proliferation is just down to spambots faking their user agent. thanks!

btw genuine updates are most definitely nearly here this time. Probably.

posted by taizou at 06:07:05 on 04/10/2010 in uncategorised ~ comments (2)

commenting out

comments are now displayed on the same page as the posts, and said page is now styled to look the front page. basically it's a bit less half-arsed than it was before (superficially anyway), when the comments system was bolted on from another site i abandoned years ago and the previous news post display thing was even older than that. so, if you have any comments, leave one. yes!

posted by taizou at 02:00:53 on 04/08/2009 in uncategorised ~ comments (0)